Hifdh Student Mentorship
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Hifdh Student Mentorship

Hifdh Student Mentorship

With more than 15 years of experience in teaching & coaching Hifdh students, Haafidha Rayhaanah has now designed a comprehensive online mentorship program that seeks to support sisters currently memorizing Al Quran.

– 1 session per month (60 – 90 mins.)

– Topics include: productivity, effective hifdh routines, time management, goal planning, focus, learning obstacles, procrastination, stress alleviation and plenty of inspiration for your hifdh journey!

– E-coaching (email / text) for the duration of the complete 12-month mentorship program (weekdays only)

– Ideal for both part-time / full-time students, this mentorship program is designed to complement your current hifdh learning, with guided coaching exercises, positive psychology and motivational mechanisms!

More about how it works

This hifdh mentorship program runs over 12 months, and can start at any time of the year, from January 2019 onwards.

Please note that the hifdh mentorship program is not actual hifdh class. It does not replace hifdh learning or revision, but seeks to enrich your learning with tools, resources and a positive mindset to enjoy your hifdh.

The once a month session is where we lay the foundation with theory and notes that will be emailed to you, and we discuss that in the monthly session.

For the remainder of the month, we follow up on that and also other hifdh related topics that you may be concerned about, example: time management, stress, how to revise better, etc.

Throughout the month, I’m available for messaging or scheduled calls during weekdays, should you require additional support.

  • A sincere commitment to the memorisation of Quran
  • A computer with high-speed Internet connection
  • A personal WhatsApp number or Skype account
  • You own Mushaf (a printed copy of the Quran – NOT digital)
  • Once your enrolment has been approved, you will be directed to our online booking system through which you can set up your monthly appointment.

Payment can be made via one of the following options:

  • PayPal
  • Debit card
  • Credit card

Kindly enquire about our student discounts and easy payment options

Mentee policy:

The student policy contains important information about what to expect from your lessons and what will be expected of you in return. Please take a few minutes to read this before applying.


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