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If you’re new to the Fee Qalbee blog, welcome – Ahlan Wa Sahlan Wa Marhaban Bikoem:)

This blog is geared towards assisting, uplifting, and encouraging you along your Hifdh journey. We’d love you to draw maximum benefit, so here’s a bit more on the different features of this blog:


Audio / Visual: Eloquent discourses, inspiring graduations & moving anasheeds..Immerse yourself in the world of Qur’aan bearers, with our audio-visual media.

Connecting with your Creator: Qur’aanic ad’iyaa to strengthen your soul through this spiritual journey ; Prophetic supplications to inspire your noble aspirations; Resources & Tools to draw you closer to Allah Ta’ala.

Enhance your journey: Qur’aan memorisation tools, recommendations, educational resource materials & the review of learning aids that can assist in enhancing your journey towards memorisation.

Hifdh Jewels: A sprinkling of heart-moving narratives & inspiration for you to cherish your Hifdh Journey all the more so

Hifdh Learning Aids: Practical steps, guidelines & references on learning & remembering the words of Al Qur’aan.

Soul Stroll: Motivational & soul-stirring entries to strengthen & revitalise your soul, as you work towards the spiritual goal of memorising Al Qur’aan.

Stay Inspired!

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