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Assalaamu 'alaykum wa Rahmatullah, In recent weeks, I've received many messages from sisters memorizing The Quran. And while the questions are usually about juggling motherhood and hifdh, or working and memorizing, or how to revise a particularly challenging Hizb, it's been different recently. Some are struggling to...

نصيحة لأهل القرآن Advice to the people of Qur’an  بقلم الدكتور أيمن رشدي سويد By Dr Ayman Rushdi Swaid قال تعالى : " يُؤفك عنه مَن أُفك " أي يُصرف عن القرآن مَن صرفه الله عقوبةً له بسبب ذنوبه وإعراضه عن الله.. Allah (swt) says: “ Deluded away from the Qur'an is...

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