Honouring ‘Ilm
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Honouring ‘Ilm

Honouring ‘Ilm

Assalaamu alaykum,

As students and companions of The Quran, it is imperative that our character and lifestyle reflect the honour and privilege of The Glorious Quran.

Whoever intends to retain ilm, is to strive in adhering to these 10 distinguished qualities -and we consciously, sincerely strive in this path –


1: Tahajjud, even if two rak’ahs.

2: The state of perpetual wudhu.

3: Piety in public and privacy.

4: Eating for taqwa, not for lust.

5: Miswaak.

6: Punctuality upon study of the kutub.

7: Respecting the ustaad.

8: Reciting the Qur’an.

9: Serving the parents.

10: Good character.




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