Preparing for Ramadan: Hifdhul Quran advise
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Preparing for Ramadan: Hifdhul Quran advise

Preparing for Ramadan: Hifdhul Quran advise

Assalamu alaykum,

With Ramadan fast approaching, many sisters are motivated to start or resume  their  journey of memorizing Al Quran.

And so if you are wanting to memorize Al Quran, here are some key points to consider:

  1. Make intentions pure for doing it.. As we do it for the sake of our improvement in Deen and increasing our goodness in both actions and words.. We do Memorization to be a good servant of Allah and to please Him.
  2. Find yourself a good teacher.
  3. Be consistent in Memorization and classes.
  4. Don’t be in a rush, make a realistic goal for yourself so that you can’t give up: start from 2,3 Ayahs daily.. Start from little Chapters/Surah(Last Juzz), then increase it with time or ability/or what your teacher recommends.
  5. Repeat, Repeat and repeat: What you are memorizing, please repeat until you can read confidently without looking into the Mushaf.
  6. Use one Mushaf only: Don’t change – so you can memorize by both reading, seeing and hearing.
  7. Memorize while reading loud, so that you can hear what you are memorizing. This will build a solid audio memory.
  8. Don’t memorize in a place where there are many distractions, keep your phone away, set up a comfortable and distraction-free zone where you can memorize everyday.
  9. Do not jump from one part to other (one surah to other/one juzz to other) to avoid confusion Follow the sequence.
  10. Don’t be scared of forgetfulness, its part of learning: with time you will learn and find ease.
  11. Find yourself a recitation of Qari (full Quran recitation available) that you usually listen to or you can keep listening to him in the car, bus, or in your free time. This is so that you can revise and increase fluency by listening to it.
  12. Make a consistent routine of revision. Don’t miss revision; make it a priority.
  13. Don’t watch unnecessary stuff.. avoid those things which divert/occupy your mind from irrelevant things.. Keep your mind peaceful and free.
  14. Never miss Salah and supplications.
  15. Maintain a balance in your sleep patterns, dietary intake, and extra mural activities.
  16. Don’t listen to people who demotivate you or discourage you towards memorization: Have trust in Allah SWT.
  • What tips would you add to this list? Share with us in the comments below.

May Allah SWT bless you all ease and increase you in understanding and memorizing Quran and sunnah Ameen.

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