How much do you care? Evaluating your Hifdh commitment
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How much do you care? Evaluating your Hifdh commitment

How much do you care? Evaluating your Hifdh commitment

Hifdh is something which will stay with us for life. It has too! It’s a lifetime commitment.

Once you have completed it, that’s when the real test comes. That’s when it’s up to you. That’s when you yourself need to keep on top of it. That’s when no one else will motivate you BUT yourself!! You won’t always have a teacher! You will have to put the hours in everyday still after completion. And wallahi it’s easy. Out of the 24hours Allah has give you… give ONLY one hour to your Quran and Hifdh revision.

You will see how much barakah is in your time.


At the end of the day it all comes down to ‘how much do you care’?!! Don’t you want that special unique relationship with the Quran and Allah!?!

Start now. Start today. It’s never ever late.

If you have done Hifdh and it’s not strong.. don’t just read this and not do anything about it. Get up. Start organising. Take out an hour when you are free, and revise. Ask someone to listen to you. Visit your local Mosque and ask someone there! Visit your madrasah teacher!

Anything but do something ! Don’t delay this! Take advantage of your time! Death doesn’t come with a warning. Wallahi my brothers and sisters wake up. Don’t let the shaytaan win. Defeat him!

By: Madeeha Mujeeb

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