About being a Hafidhul Quran
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About being a Hafidhul Quran

About being a Hafidhul Quran

Perhaps the secret behind a Haafidul Qur’an being so special to Allah is …..

Once he makes the noble intention to memorize the Quran.

He now forms a special bond with Allah Himself…

And an extraordinary relationship with the Qur’an itself.

As if the Qur’an whispers to him….

You are mine now and I am yours….

I will never abandon you, as long as you never abandon me.

Not in the world, nor in your grave and certainly not in the Hereafter.

We are companions for life, death and beyond.

I will always be there for you as long as you look after me.

You encase me in your heart and I will ensure your entry  into Jannah.

Now don’t ever leave me nor neglect me, because I escape faster than a camel let loose.

The secret is to be there for me… (read me) everyday till your last breath

I will then be there to take care of you when nobody else will .

So dear friends….

Make the intention now to memorize me ….

Whether you are 8 years or 80…

Start today ….

Memorize 1 ayah a day…

Start with My Heart ❤(Surah Yaseen)

Then Mulk, then Sajdah, then Kahaf….

Let your death come while you are memorizing me…

For your Lord is Most Generous…

He judges you by your intentions…

Go to him as a student of the Qur’an.

It doesn’t matter how many pages you get to memorize..

2 pages or 200….

As long as you tried…

You aspired …

Your reward will be waiting…

So start now…

I am waiting…

There’s no need to divulge our secret to anyone…

It’s between me, you and Allah…

Now read Bismillah …📖

Open your Qur’an

This is the best moment in your life….

Your most trusted friend

~📖The Qur’an

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