Optimizing Quran Memorization
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Optimizing Quran Memorization

Optimizing Quran Memorization

Respected Quran bearers,

In our journey of memorizing The Quran we all benefit from advise and tips on how to memorize The Quran; there are dozens of different methods and systems, some of which may sustain our memorization long-term, while others may serve us well temporarily or within the structure of specific surahs.

While none of these tools and resources are meant to overwhelm us, learning about them helps us consider alternative methods that could help strengthen our older hifdh and improve the quality of newer hifdh.

In this talk, Sheikh Yasser Al Dossary (2 mins.) discusses ways to optimize Quran memorization:


I’d love to hear your thoughts on methods that work well for you.

May Allah SWT grant you ease & joy in your Quran journey. Aameen.

Stay Inspired!


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