Reflections from Surah Duha
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Reflections from Surah Duha

Reflections from Surah Duha

Assalamu alaykum

Quran Hearts,


This week’s post invites in some reflection – such a crucial, meaningful part of this journey.



💔And When your heart is broken, When you’re depressed, When you feel lost and helpless, Remember💔


💜Surah Ad-Dhuha, Aayat No 3💜

مَا وَدَّعَكَ رَبُّكَ وَمَا قَلَىٰ


🌸Your Lord has not forsaken you, nor has He become displeased,🌸


💜Surah Ad-Dhuha, Aayat No 4💜

وَلَلْآخِرَةُ خَيْرٌ لَّكَ مِنَ الْأُولَىٰ


🌸And surely what comes after is better for you than that which has gone before.🌸


💜Surah Ad-Dhuha, Aayat No 5💜

وَلَسَوْفَ يُعْطِيكَ رَبُّكَ فَتَرْضَىٰ


🌸And soon will your Lord give you so that you shall be well pleased.🌸


💓Allah Subhanahu wa taala sent these aayats to console the heart of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)💓

💙And indeed Allah consoles the hearts of the believers through the Qur’an.💙


🌟The Qur’an is for YOU. Allah Subhanahu wa taala, The Lord Of The Worlds; talks to you through the Qur’an.🌟


🌹Read & Ponder upon it. Pick up lessons from it and experience the amazing feeling of been chosen by Allah Subhanahu wa taala to talk to Him.🌹


💖No one understands the heart better than the one who created it. Hence connect to your Creator through the Qur’an.💖


💦When the tears of Nuh (A.S)’s heart must have matched the rain pouring from the sky.💦


💚When the heavy heart of Ibrahim (A.S) had to ask his son Ismail(A.S) to lay down to be sacrificed💚


💔When the heart of Musa (A.S)’s mother almost broke as she parted with her infant son.💔


🌻When Adam (A.S) and Bibi Hawaa’s shame engulfed them at their mistake,🌻


☄️When Ayyub (A.S)’s physical pain must have matched the emotional turmoil of losing his family☄️


💕They all found solace in Allah Subhanahu wa taala; the One Who never disappoints, The All Wise, The Ever-Knowing, The All-Hearing, The All-Seeing, The Most Loving and The Most Merciful.💕


✨You may be in pain, but remember: So were they. Allah Subhanahu wa taala relieved them with their difficulties and so will He relieve you from yours InShaAllah.✨


❤Through every test, the Prophets and righteous were not shattered – they found Strength, Solace and the glue to keep their hearts together with Allah❤


🤲🏻May Allah Subhanahu wa taala forgive us all, heal our broken hearts, grant us peace, accept our striving and help us build a strong connection with Him that stays strong forever..Aameeen Ya Rabbul Aalameen🤲🏻

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