Annual update of our Hifdh Teacher Database
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Annual update of our Hifdh Teacher Database

Annual update of our Hifdh Teacher Database

Assalamu ‘alaykoem

AlHumdulillah, our Hifdh Teacher Database on the website has been updated!

If you are in search of a qualified female hifdh teacher, please view the directory here .

And, if you are a hifdh teacher for females, you’ll find a form on the same page (please scroll down the page slightly) – please fill it in, click SEND , and we’ll be in touch to confirm your entry on the database.



  • Zackiya Shuhaib
    Posted at 11:05h, 04 Oct Reply

    Assalamu alaikum
    I amviewing possibilities of joining one of your hifz teachers .
    I will be happy to know more details in terms of hours ,number of classes and the fee. I am from srilanka.

    Ummjameel zackiya

    • Rayhaanah
      Posted at 11:58h, 04 Oct Reply

      Wa alaykumus salam wa Rahmatullahi wa Braakaatuhu
      Dearest sister Ummjameel Zackiya,

      Shukran for your message.
      Kindly contact the hifz teachers directly for further queries, please.
      Please note: each teacher listed on the hifz teacher directory works independently.

      May Allah SWT grant you ease, ameen.
      Was salam

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