Keep going!
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Keep going!

Keep going!

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah,

In recent weeks, I’ve received many messages from sisters memorizing The Quran. And while the questions are usually about juggling motherhood and hifdh, or working and memorizing, or how to revise a particularly challenging Hizb, it’s been different recently.

Some are struggling to prioritize their hifdh during this pandemic, others are experiencing guilt or shame over their lack of progress, whilst others are pining for their on-site class routine.

AlHumdulillah, it’s not easy. I know, trust me.

It is tough, for students and teachers alike. For all of us. We miss routine, we miss the interaction, the motivation, the upliftment that in-person classes bring.

So if you’re reading this post and nodding along, please know that you are not alone.

We will all have our challenging days – the uncertainty, the worry of’ ‘what if I forget my hifdh?’, or, ‘if I can’t make time during this lock-down, when will I ever commit?!’

Today I invite you to make SPACE for yourself, and for your feelings – all of them. What are these emotions trying to convey, to teach you?

What if you took a moment to clear your mind, release the guilt and fear, and ask:


These are unprecedented time we are living in. May He surround us with His Everlasting Mercy & Grace.

  • Take each day as it comes.
  • Each day is a new day, different from the previous or the next. Don’t carry the residual ‘weight’ over.
  • Set out practical action plans for your revision and/or new lessons.
  • Acknowledge your progress – but also the change in routine or anything else that is emotionally affecting your Hifdh progress.
  • Make dua – lots of it. Take your fears and weakness and worries to Him.
  • Assess and evaluate your goals.
  • Now is the time for flexibility.
  • Seek joy in your Quran journey.
  • Connect with classmates
  • Seek advise from your teacher
  • Stay in wudhu
  • Listen to Quran as much as you can; preferably, your revision lessons
  • Join Team Tahajjud.


And, as one of my student’s said – when asked what her learning approach would be during this pandemic – “I’m going to try until I die.”


Bouquets of Dua,



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