Best mental exercise!
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Best mental exercise!

Best mental exercise!

No better mental exercise than learning Quran with tajweed! I am speaking in my capacity as a neuroscientist! There are too many skills accomplished by memorizing Quran with tajweed, many of them preserve the integrity of the brain as we age. These skills target so many parts of the brain, it is astonishing. Memorizing the Quran with tajweed and keeping up with remembering can it probably prevent Alzheimer’s disease or age related cognitive decline. These skills include and are not limited to: spatial, temporal, and non-verbal memory and activation of their related brain regions (which are the first to go in Alzheimer’s disease), activation of brain language areas, activation of music related brain areas, activation of the motivation system, activation of executive functions related to the frontal areas, and and and. We can probably talk about the brain enhancing benefits of knowing Quran with tajweed.

[Marwa Azab]


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