Goals VS Systems
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Goals VS Systems

Goals VS Systems

Most of us have a goal to memorize the entire Qur’ān, sadly, only a few achieve it, and even few memorize it with itqaan despite having the ability to do so.

I was reading this book called Atomic Habits by James Clear, and he wrote a powerful statement in his book.

He wrote: “Forget about goals, and focus on systems instead.”

That made me realize why most of us are not able to memorize the Qur’ān despite having the ability to do so. We are so focused on the goal, but we don’t make the progress to achieve them.

Instead of just dreaming about having memorized the Qur’ān, we need to take the steps to get there. And once we are there, we need to take the steps to move towards perfecting our recitation. The journey with the Qur’ān is long. But we need to fix our system to achieve that goal.

Build your system, choose what works for you, make a plan or a schedule, and work on it. You need to make progress even if it means to take the small steps.


by: Sahlah Nayyar

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