Cooked…with love & care
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Cooked…with love & care

Cooked…with love & care

A  student spent months  and months trying to memorize  the Quraan but despite his efforts he hadn’t  even memorized one chapter.

Eventually the Imaam  complained to the boy’s mother that he was making no headway.

In an effort to help the child he asked the mother  questions regarding  TV habits, the parent’s religiousness and how often the boy practiced what he learnt at home.

Then he asked a seemingly irrelevant question:
“Do you eat out often?”

The mother confirmed that yes they did. The Imaam asked her to try and get the boy to eat more home-cooked food.

The mother did her best to implement the change and the Imaam found that the boy started picking up his lessons much easier.

In one of his lectures the Imaam  indicated why he asked the mother  to feed the boy home cooked meals.

He said that when a Muslim mother cooks, she does so with great care and concern for her children.

Often she engages in Dhikr (remembrance of Allah) whilst she prepares a meal, many time she will be in a state of wudhu (ablution)  after having  read her Salaah , or will be  preparing to read .

In any case her Dhikr and concern influences her children through the food she cooks for them. The food from the restaurant would not benefit  them in  this way.

Even where the cook is Muslim, there is no guarantee that he prays Salaah. Even if he prays regularly, he will not have the level of concern for the one eating the meal that the mother would have.

A muslim mother should  prepare  the food  begining  with Bismillah al rahman al rahim (In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Beneficent) .

She should  select each ingredient for its quality and benefit.

She should ensure  that everything is clean.

She should make  sure there is nothing that will cause allergy or illness.

She should  try to use ingredients  that the beloved Prophet (صلي الله عليه وسلم ) used or liked.

Subhan’Allah, now this wont be merely cooking, but it becomes  Ibadah (worship).

Allah’s greatness and beauty is such that when we do anything to please him , then  even our daily chores  becomes a deed worthy of being rewarded.

How Wholesome and Nourishing is the food cooked with love and  care by the beautiful hands  of a  Muslim Mother.

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