Advise to the people of Quran
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Advise to the people of Quran

Advise to the people of Quran

نصيحة لأهل القرآن
Advice to the people of Qur’an 
بقلم الدكتور أيمن رشدي سويد
By Dr Ayman Rushdi Swaid
قال تعالى :
” يُؤفك عنه مَن أُفك “
أي يُصرف عن القرآن مَن صرفه الله عقوبةً له بسبب ذنوبه وإعراضه عن الله..
Allah (swt) says: “ Deluded away from the Qur’an is he who is deluded” (al-thariyat, verse 9)
Meaning that one’s sins will stand between them and the Qur’an; as a block which will result in their distance from the Qur’an…
ياإخوتي …: 
My dear brothers and sisters…
من لم يبدأ بحفظ القرآن فليبدأ!
ومن أهمل مراجعته فليستدرِك!
ومن لم يكن له ورد من القرآن فليحرص عليه!
ولتصبر و لتُصابر…
If you haven’t started memorising Qur’an; then start…
And if you’ve neglected its revision; come back…
And if you don’t have a daily Qur’an wird (time slot just for the Qur’an in the day); then make one…
And be patient and persevere…
فإنّ لحفظ القُرآن و ضبطهِ وتلاوته آناء الليل وأطراف النهار لذّة تُنسيك تعب المُجاهدة .
اهرب من زحمة انشغالك
واختطف دقائق من وقتك ..
قم من نومك …
لعلك تلحق بركب الأوابين
وتنعم بلذة العابدين
واسجد واقترب .
There is a sweetness for those who memorise it, understand it and recite it day and night…a sweetness that makes you forget the bitterness and tiredness of this world…
Run away from the busy-ness of your life; and secure minutes from your time… get up from your sleep…maybe you become from the Awabeen…and indulge in the blessing that the worshippers indulge in … and prostrate to Him (swt); and become near…
اجعل لنفسك ..
ورداً من القرآن ..
لا تتركه مهما كان ..!
Create for yourself a time… everyday…that you won’t compromise for the Qur’an no matter what happens…
 من بركة القرآن أن الله يبارك في عقل قارئه وحفظه.
From the barakah of the Qur’an is that Allah puts barakah in the minds of those who memorise and recite it… 
أوصى الإمام إبراهيم المقدسي تلميذه عباس بن عبد الدايم رحمهم الله :
“أكثر من قراءة القرآن ولا تتركه، فإنه يتيسر لك الذي تطلبه على قدر ما تقرأ”.
Imam Ibrahim al Maqdisi advises his student Abbas saying; “increase in your recitation of the Qur’an and never leave it; because your ease in life and seeking of what you desire is directly related to how much you recite” 
قال شيخ الإسلام :
( ما رأيت شيئا يغذّي العقل والروح ويحفظ الجسم ويضمن السعادة أكثر من إدامة النظر في كتاب الله تعالى ! ).
Ibn Taymiyah said:
“I’ve never come across anything that feeds the mind and soul, protects the physical body and provides happiness as much as the lengthened looking in the book of Allah (meaning committed reciting)”
لا تنشغل عن وردك ،
فوالله لهوَ مصدر البركة في يومك إن أخلصت النية لله .
 Don’t ever be busy from your daily Qur’an wird; by Allah it is the source of goodness and blessing in your day if your intentions were sincere… 
اللهم إنا نسألك أن تلزم قلوبنا حفظ كتابك ، 
وترزقنا أن نتلوه ونتدبره على الوجه الذي يرضيك عنا…..
ونعمل به
We ask you Allah to guide our hearts to memorise your book, and to bless us with reciting and understanding it in the way that Pleases you… and to live by it…
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  • Beyond The Bounds
    Posted at 16:32h, 23 Nov Reply

    MaShaAllah… this post is beautiful and thought provoking…
    May Allah help us in achieving this…

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        Jazaakillaahu khairaa. It’s indeed a nice post.

  • T
    Posted at 20:16h, 05 Mar Reply

    Assalamualykum. Pray this note finds you in the best of health. I have this heartfelt desire, it’s my dream to memorise the Quran shareef since a few years yet I don’t have the motivation to start it please advise me on what to do so I can start. Jzk khairun duas

    • Rayhaanah
      Posted at 08:31h, 06 Mar Reply

      was salam, mashaAllah! thank and praise Allah SWT who has placed that desire in your heart to memorize Quran – ask yourself: how can I take this heartfelt desire and transform it into something actionable ? what”s the first baby step I will need to take, to achieve this dream ? all the best !

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