Season of Sacrifice
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Season of Sacrifice

Season of Sacrifice

Assalamu ‘alaykum, Quran Hearts…

With the season of Hajj upon us, Udhiyyah / Qurbani / Korban is the current focus – the story of Prophet Ebrahim (‘alayhis salam) and his son Prophet Ismaeel (‘alayhis salam) being retold in thousands of homes, masajid, and schools around the world. 

Let us then consider sacrifice and our personal hifdhul Quran journey:

~ Are we making any sacrifices on our path? And if so, how?

~ Who are we making those sacrifices for?

~ Why are we making these sacrifices?

~ What are we hoping to harvest from these sacrifices?


A mere 5 years ago, sacrifice and diligence were key-words associated with Quranic memorization. However, as our lifestyles becoming increasingly immersed (and flooded!) with social media and internet connectivity, I notice a trend of hifdh students becoming more distracted, impatient and unable to resiliently overcome the challenges of acquiring this heavenly gift.

Every week, I receive calls and emails from around the world; sisters who, with the very best of intentions to memorize Al Quran, but just not ready to sacrifice : to let go of false attachments, limiting values, relationships, circumstances, etc., that are holding them back from progressing in their memorization. 

“It’s too much of a sacrifice!”

“Why do I need to sacrifice so much to learn Quran?”

“I’ve sacrificed so much and I’m not seeing any difference!”


Your sacrifice is only so that you can RECEIVE from Him. And what a gift the Quran is! Worth every sacrifice!


Why? Why has sacrifice been relegated to ‘old-fashioned’ values and ethics? Why is sacrifice seen as a weakness, failure, or worse still … insignificant?

There is something eternally beautiful, sacred, and humbling, about sacrifice: for in it lies graceful patience and sweet submission to The Lord of the Worlds.

Sacrifice is:

  • foregoing the ego,
  • a labor of love,
  • surrendering to His Will.


Sacrifice is saying, feeling, thinking, and doing everything one can to submit to Him, earn His Pleasure, seek His Forgiveness, gain His Mercy – all whilst trying – trying to memorize and revise and remember His Words, repeating them over and over and over again.

Sacrifice is in going to His Door, and seeking abundance and acceptance: of Mercy, Guidance, Light.

Sacrifice is in those vulnerable moments, those split seconds when you’ve been trying and trying to memorize, and then doubt or wonder how you will ever remember it all until you reach Paradise? And then you lay yourself, heart and soul, prostrating to Him. And it is there that you find Peace, Reassurance, and His Promise. 

Wishing you success at every stage of your hifdh journey!


  • Yacoob
    Posted at 06:38h, 18 Aug Reply

    I don’t think it’s just hifdh students that are losing patience and the ability to focus. We all are – when we allow the flood of media (be that news, social, and even advertising) to wash over our senses day after day. Attention spans grow shorter, and that which takes time – true, dedicated, heavily repeated effort – becomes more and more agitating. May Allah help us to disconnect more during these special days, and use these facilities with wisdom and in moderation.

    • Rayhaanah
      Posted at 11:37h, 21 Aug Reply


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