How a 7-year old memorized Al Quran
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How a 7-year old memorized Al Quran

How a 7-year old memorized Al Quran

Assalamu ‘alaykum, Quran Hearts…

AlHumdulillah for the many beautiful journeys and experiences we read and hear of, of those blessed and chosen to memorize Al Quran.

Each of them are moving and inspirational! And this narrative (mashaAllah TabarukAllah) is one of them:

*How my 7 year old daughter memorised the entire Qur’aan*     [3 minutes +]                                     

By:  Maulana Reyaz Bismillah [Bradford, UK] (father of the haafidha)


Wishing you success at every stage of your hifdh journey!


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