My Hifdh Journey [GUEST POST] : the personal narrative of a Canadian Muslimah
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My Hifdh Journey [GUEST POST] : the personal narrative of a Canadian Muslimah

My Hifdh Journey [GUEST POST] : the personal narrative of a Canadian Muslimah

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah

Beloved Quran Hearts,

Each passing Jumu’ah takes us further away from the start of the new Islamic year, and ever closer to Ramadan 1439!

Remember to assess your progress – on a regular basis – ideally, with your hifdh teacher or mentor. It’s important to get a different perspective and some fresh insight into your hifdh progress and potential growth areas, too. 


Read on to learn about the journey of one aspiring Haafidha’s hifdh experience. If you would like to share a part of your Hifdh journey, we’d love to feature your piece, too! Email:  and your piece will be considered for future publication.

Wishing you success and joy at every stage of your hifdh journey!




My Hifdth journey began in the middle of an emotionally difficult period in my life. I was looking to reconnect and find solace in the Quran, which is often difficult when one’s heart is troubled. I knew I needed to seek out an environment where I was reminded of Allah and to be around those already connected to Him. It is then that a close friend of mine told me about Ustadha Rayhaanah’s Hifdh classes. I knew I wasn’t quite in the right place emotionally to be very disciplined in memorization, but I thought of going anyway to see what it’s all about. In my first couple of lessons, I realized there is a lot more to my Hifdh journey than I thought. Memorization is an external measure, and it’s easy to think that the quantity memorized equals success. In my own experience, I found how you live your life directly effects your Hifdh journey. It’s the other decisions you make each and every day in prioritizing your Deen above all else, that makes it easy or difficult to memorize well. Even though my progress is slow paced, Hifdh has helped me to be stronger, to re-prioritize what truly matters to me, and to start taking small steps to improve my life. My relationship with the Quran and Hifdth progress essentially shows me my ‘soul status’. When my soul is troubled, my Hifdh suffers as well. When I am at ease and doing my best to worship Allah, my Hifdh is smooth and easy as well. Hifdh is truly a holistic journey, and it’s really not just about the memorization, but rather how much of yourself is transformed for the better in the process. I do believe Allah grants the gift of being a Hafidh to whom He pleases, so it is not something to be taken for granted. 

Of course none of the above is possible without the guidance of my Ustadha. Ustadha Rayhaanah has been a huge inspiration along the way. Without her guidance and support, saying just what you need to hear at the right time, believing in her student’s ability to reach new spiritual heights, being a beautiful example for her students, my Hifdh journey would not be what it is alhamdulillah.

May Allah make the Quran the spring of our hearts. Ameen. 

Nihal Mahmood
A Canadian Muslimah with an MSc in Islamic Finance & currently a Council Member of Waqf World Growth Foundation.
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