Jam Eyyatul Qurra’ : pledge line
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Jam Eyyatul Qurra’ : pledge line

Jam Eyyatul Qurra’ : pledge line

Please support Jam ‘Eyyatul Qurra’ on iTV Pledge Line 7pm-11pm, Saturday 23 November 2013

Founded by the late Sheikh M. Yusuf Booley, Jam ‘Eyyatul Qurra’ (JEQ) is a registered non-profit organisation dedicated mainly to the teaching and memorisation of the Holy Quran. JEQ Boys Haafith School officially opened its doors in 2001, followed by the opening of the Girls Haafith School in 2006 and the Pre-Primary Hifth School incorporating Montessori in 2008. Here learners are first taught the correct pronunciation of all Huroof (Arabic letters), the rules of Tajweed and then given the tools to memorise.

To-date JEQ has produced over 100 credible hufaath and hafithaat and we hope to continue in this manner for the future in the Western Cape and abroad.

JEQ’s greatest challenge is to be financially self-sustainable. We have to raise approximately R1 million rand every year to keep the 3 campuses functioning optimally. The budget supports over 300 full-time students and a full-time complement of 30 teachers and support staff. The pledge drive on ITV serves to rally support and raise the necessary funds for JEQ to assist the parents of those students who cannot afford to pay the requisite fees.

Please spread the word to get as many people as possible to pledge after 7pm on ITV (Channel 347 DSTV) on the 23rd November 2013. Join us in our 100% campaign to raise the R1 million for Jam ‘Eyyatul Qurra’ Inshaa Allah Ameen.

May Allah Almighty grant every one of you the richest rewards for your generous support in helping JEQ fulfilling its role within the Ummah.
It is for Us to collect it and to recite it. When We have recited it, then follow its recitation [Quran 75:17-18]
And be steadfast in prayer, and regular in charity: and whatever good you send forth for your souls before you, you shall find it with Allah; for Allah sees well all that you do [Quran 2:110]

ITV Pledge Line number: 011 086 7700 / 1 / 2 / 3
SMS Pledges: 31022
(Please ensure that your SMS includes the following: [MOBI ‪#‎JEQ‬ Name Surname Rvalue])
Email Pledges: jeqpledge@gmail.com
Banking Details:

Jam Eyyatul Qurra Waqf Trust
First National Bank
Acc. No: 6238 226 6841
Branch Code: 203 109
Branch: Grassy Park
For further information on the JEQ Pledge Line:
Office:021 703 9324
Fax: 021 704 1305
Mobile: 083 365 1151
Email: jeqpledge@gmail.com
Website: http://jameyyatulqurra.co.za/
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