Naseeha for the Hifdh Journey: resumption of hifdh during motherhood
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Naseeha for the Hifdh Journey: resumption of hifdh during motherhood

Naseeha for the Hifdh Journey: resumption of hifdh during motherhood

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah

In recent weeks, I’ve received many a question from aspiring haafidhaat who, after having been blessed with a child/children, are now eager to resume their own hifdh journeys. Whilst every individual will have different concerns specific to their personal situation, there are some basic points that could assist in easing your return to the world of Hifdh, inshaAllah!

Q:  Assalamu ‘alaykum. How are you? I’m a 32 year old mum with 3 kids. I knew 16 ajzaa’ before my eldest son was born (10 years ago) and now I can’t remember much of it.  With Allah’s Help I’m now settled and the kids are slightly older and a bit independent. So I was hoping to restart my hifdh soon. Please help!   [Umm Bahiyya, Kenya]

A: Was salaamu ‘alaykum, Umm Bahiyya.  AlHumdulillah and jazakiAllahu khayran for your email. And mabrook on your intention to resume your Hifdh Journey! Here are some recommendations that may assist you:

*Congratulations on taking the 1rst step: establishing / renewing your intention. Once you’ve done this, rest assured that you’ve now set the wheels in motion with the powerful tool of purpose of intent.

*From your email I am unable to ascertain the weakness or strength of each juzz memorized, or even when last you had done revision of any of these ajzaa’. Having mentioned this, you may consider some of the following steps – start reviewing with 2 (separate) types of revision programmes: revise a quarter juzz from the hifdh you remember well or have been reciting in salaah regularly (a practical example could be from juzz ‘Amma or surah alMulk, etc.).  If you can manage more, that would be fantastic!

*Source out a teacher or fellow haafidha to whom you can recite , or better still, a classroom set-up (this would be ideal!). Even attending lesson twice or thrice a week for an hour (online, telephonic or on-site) during which you are accountable to a teacher , is much more effective than independent review.

*For hifdh that is really weak (meaning: you find difficulty in recollecting the hifdh from memory or face difficulty in even reciting from the mus-haf), you may need to either read a set portion each day from the mus-haf, to re-establish or jog the memory or, re-learn the verses completely again. Either way, be realistic and take one step at a time, please. This will avoid a sense of overwhelm or despair.

*Network with other mothers who are also doing hifdh, or establish contact with your old hifdh friends and teachers. This form of outreach can be a wonderful support system for you, building your confidence and optimism for the hifdh journey ahead, not forgetting the spiritual friendships that can be established along the way.

* As mothers we are multi-tasking a dozen times each day, right? Well, whilst fetching the children from playgroup, doing a madrassah class drop-off, or going about your weekly errands, try to have the audio of hifdh playing too. During this ‘me-time’ or quieter time, you will still be able to focus on listening attentively. I would suggest a balanced combination of listening to weaker and stronger hifdh. This will keep you motivated, ambitious, but also realistic about the condition of your hifdh and the next level that you’re hoping to take it to. Set up a roster where you can alternate amongst the ajzaa’ and track your progress.

* If you haven’t as yet started, it’s never too late: invest in including hifdh in your daily salaah (qiyaam). You WILL notice a world of a difference in your confidence, fluency and a vast improvement in your hifdh focus, literally overnight! Ask yourself: what have I been reciting (of my hifdh) in salaah? What haven’t I recited in a long time? Now develop a balance; say for example, you’ve ben reviewing surah Nooh by listening to the audio and reading from the mus-haf. Practise the surah a few more times and set a goal that by the end of that week you would like to be able to recite at least the 1rst 7 verses in qiyaam, inshaAllah. I promise, once you get started, it gets so much easier! Put aside your fear or doubt, and make good your hifdh commitment to Allah SWT.

*You mention having a 10 year old, mashaAllah. Has he begun with his own hifdh journey? Either initiate his hifdh or connect with him by reviewing and learning (and perhaps even competing!) together. I know of mothers who have completed their hifdh together with their children, yes , alHumdulilah!

*Having little ones, it’s best for you to work out on a routine and a timetable that suits your current schedule and lifestyle. It’s all about what works for you, your family, and your hifdh goals.

I hope these points will assist you in resuming your hifdh journey. Most importantly, turn to Allah SWT and seek His Help each day. Know that there will be days when hifdh will be easier than others, but take each day (challenge or victory) as it comes. With reliance in Allah SWT comes acceptance of His Plan. If Allah SWT gifted you to memorise more than half the Qur’aan Kareem, why then will He SWT not help you in recalling those ajzaa’ and completing memorization of the rest of Qur’aan ? 🙂

Stay Inspired!


PS: Entering ‘Naseeha” on the Fee Qalbee search blog will yield answers to many more of your hifdh questions.

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