Qur’aan events: Program of Qari Sheikh Mumin Ahmad in South Africa
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Qur’aan events: Program of Qari Sheikh Mumin Ahmad in South Africa

Qur’aan events: Program of Qari Sheikh Mumin Ahmad in South Africa

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيم

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu,

Complete program details for Qari Sheikh Mumin Ahmad’s South African visit:

Cape Town:

  • Friday, 15 June- Jumu’ah at Town center Masjid and after Isha at Masjidus Sabr, Parkwood.
  • Saturday, 16 June – after Maghrib at Vos str Masjid, Bokaap.
  • Sunday, 17 June – after Maghrib at Maitland Masjid.

Kwa Zulu Natal:

  • Tuesday, 19 June – at Darul Uloom Newcastle.
  • Wednesday, 20 June – Dundee Masjid.
  • Thursday, 21 June – Willowton Musallah, PMB.
  • Friday, 22 June – Madrasah Tarteelul Quran and Jumua at Raisethorpe Masjid, PMB.
  • Saturday, 23 June – Al-Falaah College from after Asr, DBN.
  • Sunday, 24 June – Masjid Aisha, Port Shepstone after Maghrib. (all other KZN prog after Isha).


  • Tuesday, 26 June – Lakefield Masjid.
  • Wednesday, 27 June – Witbank.
  • Thurs, 28 June –  Bosmont (a Maghrib venue to be confirmed).
  • Friday, 29 June – Vila Liza (all Gauteng prog after Isha).

Brief biography:

Sh. Momen (24), a graduate of Al Azhar, Imaam, and a qualified teacher of Quran, is registered as a Qaari under the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf and has
represented the Awqaf on special missions abroad.

During his recent visit to South Africa (June 2011), people throughout
the country were brought to tears on account of his beautiful voice,
style, and presentation of both the Tarteel and Mujawad ways of
recitation. One individual in Cape Town also accepted Islam after
meeting with this dynamic Sheikh.

Audio clip: http://soundcloud.com/mrshamiel77/qaari-shaykh-mumin-ahmad-sura

Please forward to all Huffaadh, Ulama, and especially the youth.

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  • dominique/mureeda
    Posted at 12:46h, 29 Jun Reply

    slms. do you have any other records of Sh. Momen please? shukran.

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