The Fee Qalbee Connection
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The Fee Qalbee Connection

The Fee Qalbee Connection

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah

With an increasing majority of our readers & students having access to mobile phone applications or smart phones, Fee Qalbee has set out to improvise on ways in which we can better assist, support and stay connected with YOU during your hifdh journey.

BBM Group:

Previous to this, Fee Qalbee had, for over a year, established a hifdhul Qu’raan group on BBM Groups (Blackberry). However, after recent software updates the group and member details could not be retrieved.
As disappointing as this was for many of us, I thought to use this platform to invite all readers (past group members & new friends) who have access to a Blackberry to join our BBM group: Memorising Muslimaat.

In light of this, I hope that we can effectively utilise this group as an active and inspirational platform to discuss key concerns, seek advise and share encouragement specific to hifdhul Qur’aan.
Ideally, Memorising Muslimaat should be an online forum with regular updates for us to remain focussed on our hifdh goals – students, graduates and teachers alike – sharing authentic islamic knowledge on all that is hifdh and Qur’aan related.

With the current, existing features on a BBM Group it will allow for:

  • Members (maximum 31)
  • Chats (multiple)
  • Pictures (multiple)
  • Lists (ideal for goal resolutions and planning)
  • Calendar (perfect for diarising Qur’aan-related events and dates of significance)

How to be a part of the Memorising Muslimaat BBM Group:

  1. Forward your BBM pin to: 
  2. Please include the following details – Full name and surname, city and country, a brief account of your hifdh journey.

Before applying with your BBM pins, kindly note the following requirements:
Regular contribution in group chats, lists, etc.
Active participation on a weekly basis


The group is only open to females who are currently memorising or have completed Qur’aanic memorisation.
No advertising or commercial notices will be allowed.

If you’re exciting about joining the group, send through your details today!

InshaAllah, I look forward to welcoming you to Memorising Muslimaat very soon, and learning with and from you!

*Replies will be inboxed and BBM pins added from 22 April 2012 onwards, inshaAllah*


For sisters with Whatsapp installed on their mobiles please email: with your mobile number and I will add it to the address book. You can then use this application to send through questions on hifdh.

Look forward to connecting with you inshaAllah!

Love & Du’as,


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