Imam of alHaram ashShareef visits South Africa
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Imam of alHaram ashShareef visits South Africa

Imam of alHaram ashShareef visits South Africa

Assalamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah

Earlier this week, it was announced that one of the Imaam’s of alHaram ashAshareef, Sheikh Maher Mu’ayqli would be visiting South Africa during March 2012.
Very exciting, especially for the young aspiring huffaadh who eagerly await visits from ‘Ulamaa abroad. For many of these Qur’aan students, the Sheikh’s visit brings with it the opportunity to pray behind him, hear his advise to the Muslim community and listen to his melodious recitation of alQur’aan, mashaAllah.

Media Release:

The Saudi Arabian embassy in conjunction with Al Tawheed Islamic Center, together with exclusive media partner Radio Islam International bring you the South African tour of Imam of the Haram in Makkatul Mukarramah -Sheikh Maher Muhaiqili For more details on his itinerary, check the Radio Islam website:
Radio Islam will bring you exclusive coverage of the Imams tour.
Radio Islam International, The Home of Al Quran.

Visiting schedule (as at 16/02/2012):

19 March 2012 – Esha Salaah at Mayfair Jumma Masjid

20 March 2012 – Maghrib Salaah at Bosmont Masjid
Esha Salaah – Masjid Al-Shafi (Somali Masjid, Mayfair)

21 March 2012 – Al Tawheed Islamic Center Jalsa
Maghrib Salaah – Newtown Masjid
Esha Salaah – Nur Al-Islam, Lenasia

22 March 2012 – Esha Salaah – Masjid Al-Furqaan, Houghton

23 March 2012 – Jummah Salaah – Masjid Dar Al-Salaam, Laudium
Esha Salaah – Masjid Al-Duha, Sandton

Biography: Sheikh Maahir Bin Hamad Al-Mu’ayqali

Sheikh Maahir’s mom and dad moved to Madinah of Nabi (sallalaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and he was born there as well. He memorized the whole Qur’aan in Madinah and he was taught in the class of many scholars who are respected worldwide in Madinah. He began his Sheikh career in the North of The Kingdom Of Saudia. He was taught extensively in mathematics until he began teaching it.
At this point he stopped preaching and started working as a math teacher. He went back to Makkah to become a scholar and taught in the school of balaat. In Makkah he became a reknowed speaker and began preaching once again.After becoming loved by the people he was chosen to become an advisor to Prince Abdul-Majid in Makkah.The sheikh is married and has 4 children, 2 boys and two girls. He began to teach Quran in Makkah before he began teaching at King Abdullah Saood University. He was promised before ramadan the he would lead taraweeh prayers in Madinah for the year 1426 and 1427, so he did. After that he was moved to Makkah and began to lead taraweeh from the first day of 1428 Ramadan in Masjid Al- Haram with Sheikh Abdur-Rahman As-Sudais.

To download the recitation of Qur’aan (entire) by Sheikh Maher Mu’ayqli:

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