Of figs & olives: miracles of The Qur’aan
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Of figs & olives: miracles of The Qur’aan

Of figs & olives: miracles of The Qur’aan

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah
Dear sisters,

Alhamdulillah, I hope that everyone enjoyed a peaceful & blessed Eidhul Adhaa, may Allah Ta’ala accept our sacrfices & grant us proximity to Him, aameen!

This week, I’d love to share with you an article that a friend recently forwarded to me. Whilst this incident ocurred 4 years ago & is not directly related to the study of tahfeedh, it is an enlightening reminder of the Mercy & Power of Allah Ta’ala. Allahu Akbar!

How blessed we are to be from amongst the Ummah of Rasoolullah (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) with the gift of the final & preserved Divine Book, al Qur’aan!

Stay inspired!

A scientific miracle of the Holy Quran:

Dr. Taha Ibrahim Khalifa, former dean and Professor of medicinal plants and
drugs at Al-Azhar University tells the following article about a Quran

Metallothionein (MT): material which is produced by humans and animals brains in small quantities is a protein that contains Sulfur which can easily bind with zinc, iron and phosphorus. This substance is considered
very vital to the human body in the sense of reducing cholesterol,performing metabolism, strengthening the heart, and controlling breath.

MT production increases gradually between the ages of 15 to 35 years. Then,the production level decreases till it stops at around the age of sixty.
That is why it was not easy to obtain MT from humans. Also, small amounts of MT was found in animals.

Scientists kept searching for MT in plants. A team of Japanese scientists searched for this magical substance that works as a removal of the symptoms of aging. The team found MT in only two types of plants, figs and olives.

Allah, Subhanahu Wa Ta-ala says in his holy book: In the name of Allah, MostGracious, Most Merciful. “[1] By the Fig and the Olive, [2] And the Mount of
Sinai, [3] And this City of security, [4] We have indeed created man in the best of moulds, [5] Then do We abase him (to be) the lowest of the low.”

After MT was extracted from figs and olives, scientists found that the use of MT from figs or olives alone did not give the expected benefit for human health. The benefits were only seen when MT that is extracted from figs wasmixed with MT that is extracted from olives. The Japanese team tried to find the best mix ratio between figs and olives that would be effective. The best mix ratio was found to be 1 fig to 7 olives!

Dr. Taha Ibrahim Khalifa searched the Holy Qur’aan and found that “fig” was mentioned once while “olive” was mentioned six times explicitly and one time implicitly in Al-Mo’minoon chapter: “[20] Also a tree springing out of Mount Sinai, which produces oil, and relish for those who use it for food.”

Dr. Taha has sent this information from the Holy Qur’aan to the Japanese research team. After verifying that the discovered information was mentioned
in the Holy Quran 1427 years ago, the President of the Japanese research team declared his Islam and the research team surrendered the patent to Dr.Taha Ibrahim Khalifa.

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  • shameela ebrahim
    Posted at 14:37h, 14 Nov Reply

    Beautiful and most inspiring!May all of us remain students of the exalted message until we finally meet Allah The Most High.Aamin.

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