Fee Qalbee’s new semester of online hifdh & review classes
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Fee Qalbee’s new semester of online hifdh & review classes

Fee Qalbee’s new semester of online hifdh & review classes

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah

Dear sister in Islam,

Fee Qalbee is a unique consulting company that specialises in the mentorship & coaching of tahfeedhul Qur’aan for Muslimaat worldwide. Our hifdhul Qur’aan students are personally taught & coached by Hafidha Rayhaanah Omar, who has more than a decades’ worth of experience & knowledge in the specialised field of tahfeedhul Qur’aan for Muslim women.

This semester, we are pleased to announce the commencement of her long-awaited online courses, of which two of them are as follows:

Hifdh review classes (dhor): Specifically structured for those sisters who have memorised the Qur’aan, either specific surahs or in its entirety. The review classes motivate individuals to revise their previously-learnt hifdh thoroughly, at a consistent & flexible pace. These classes are ideal for those who have memorised parts of the Qur’aan & lapsed in their Remembrance : Students will be taught methods on how to re-collect or, if need be, re-learn the hifdh forgotten. These classes have also proven to be effective for students who wish to enrich & increase their revision (dhor) of Qur’aan.

Hifdhul Qur’aan classes: In these personalised classes, students are regularly tested on their memorisation of masnoon surahs. This programme offers students the opportunity to memorise regularly recited chapters such as: yaaseem, mulk, sajda, ar-Rahmaan, waqi’ah, kahf, juzz Amma, juzz 29, surah Baqara,etc.

=Fee Qalbee’s online hifdh classes are ideal for:

*parents of hifdh students
*Home executives
*Qur’aan / Islamic studies teachers

=What makes the Fee Qalbee experience unique & inspiring ?

* All of our classes are conducted online via Skype, allowing you to memorise & revise the Qur’aan from the comfort of your home or the privacy of your workplace. Students may choose from 30 minutes , 45 minutes or 1 hour time slots on a daily or weekly basis.
* Classes are available from Sundays until Thursdays, during the mornings, afternoons & evenings. This allows you both consistency & flexibility in your Qur’aanic journey.
* Our students benefit from confidential mentoring on the following hifdh-related topics: time-management, stress alleviation, gratitude, derivation of maximum benefit from hifdh, recommended study habits, goal-setting, positive thinking, etc.
* Fee Qalbee provides daily e- coaching (via: email, google chat, bbm, twitter & facebook), weekly blog posts & regular resource material to your inbox, to enhance your hifdh journey. There is also the additional option for students to submit audio recordings (via computer), of any outstanding weekly work, that will be listened to by their teacher, after which they will receive feedback within 12 hours.
* Sessions are structured upon the individual needs & requirements of the student & their specific learning goals.

If you would love to join the ever – growing network of Fee Qalbee’s hifdh students, please visit our website: www.feeqalbee.com for more details (posted on the FAQ page).

For details on available times, fee payments & learning packages, please email: rayhaanah@gmail.com

P.S. At present, Fee Qalbee does not offer classes on memorisation of the entire Qur’aan. We have however had students commence their hifdh with us & thereafter, continue their Qur’aan journey in their own localities or elsewhere successfully, mashaa Allah.

Inshaa Allah, we look forward to welcoming you to Fee Qalbee’s hifdh network!

JazaakAllahu Khayran,
was salaam

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  • Umme Ahmad
    Posted at 09:04h, 26 Sep Reply

    السلام عليكم;.جزاك الله خيرا
    For allowing us this oportunity to revise our Quraan n may الله take u from strength to strength. آمين

    • Rayhaanah
      Posted at 15:31h, 03 Oct Reply

      Wa ‘alaykumus salaam wa rahmatullah,
      Shukran for visiting the Fee Qalbee blog:)
      aameen, jazaakillahu Khayran!

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