SA National Qur’aan Awards 2011
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SA National Qur’aan Awards 2011

SA National Qur’aan Awards 2011

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

As-Salāmu `Alaykum | Peace be upon you

The South African Qur’aan Union presents its 5th National Qur’aan Awards.

The event will run over the period 23- 25 September 2011 at Masjid
Ighwa Tul Islam, 22 Cornflower Street, Bridgetown(Mosque), Cape Town

Two types of participation:

National Qur’aan recital competition- this category is divided in
three sections, namely Junior (under 18), Teenage (under 25), and
senior (26 years and over). Participants will be evaluated in the
areas of proper and correct recitation of Qur’aan, voice control, and
beautiful and melodious presentation. This section is for males only.

Servant of the Holy Qur’aan Award- a special token of recognition to
individuals in acknowledgement of their contribution in spreading or
propagating the Qur’an in South Africa. The organisers will select a
beneficiary for the award from nominations forwarded by the public.

Entries for participation or nomination forms can be found at

A number of top Qurraa from different countries will be reciting at
various venues in Cape Town as of 19 September 2011, as a run- up to
the event. Insha-Allah.

South African Qur’aan Union further invites other organizations to
partner in this initiative. Anyone who wishes to volunteer their
services, make donations to this noble event (or any other general
inquiries), may contact the organization on email:

Yours in the service of Qur’aan

South African Qur’aan Union

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