Children loving the Qur’aan: A basic guide
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Children loving the Qur’aan: A basic guide

Children loving the Qur’aan: A basic guide

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah
Dear sisters,

Alhamdulillah! Recently I’ve received numerous questions from mothers regarding their children’s Qur’aan journeys. Today, I intend sharing one of the basic questions, together with my response.

Please email Fee Qalbee or post your comments with ideas and suggestions on the topic, too.

May our children always be the coolness of our eyes, aameen!

Q: How can we as Mothers inculcate the love of Quraan in our young children’s hearts ?

A: SubhaanAllah! it is a challenge that all parents face on a daily basis. From my personal experience & that of consulting online, here are some points that I would love to share with you.

* Leading by example = most parents read their own Qur’aan tilaawat in the early hours, often after tahajjud and before the children rise, and so they don’t get to actually see their parents reading Qur’aan. Try leaving some of your tilaawat for later in the day, and read in their midst.
* Continue making du’aa for them : for this is your most powerful weapon!
* Develop and strengthen their memory skills : this will make their hifdh easier and they will love Al Qur’aan even more.
* Speak to your asaatidha , parents and eldersm to find out which methods and techniques worked well with previous generations, and try implementing those that would work well for your child.
* Each child has his or her individual personality – what motivates him or her ? This is key to optimising their time with Qur’aan
* Remind them of your spiritual dream for them , i.e. to be from amongst the Ahlul Qur’aan..Talk about these special people, who they are , and why they are Ahlul Qur’aan.
* Research more about their favourite sahaabi (RA), and share with them the role that their favourite sahaabi (RA) played, in preserving the words, message or meaning of Qur’aan.
* Play anaasheed and nazams on tehQur’aan in the home often.
* Create an incentive or reward sysytem with regards to their individual Qur’aan progress, and which is age-appropriate to each child, in which you acknowledge their Qur’aan achievements.
* Keep a gratitude / shukr journal in your home, and allow every member of the family to participate, where weekly, they each write 3 points on why they are grateful for having the Qur’aan in their lives.
* Basic tafseer is so key to inclucating their love for Qur’aan! When they understand the basics of whta they are preserving of teh Qur’aan in their hearts, they will love it even more!
* Be very, very patient with them, when teaching or listening to their work. Many of us may already be teachers, but when it comes to teaching our own children please, let us be even more patient and loving.
* Remind them of how much Allah Ta’al loves them and they will in turn love Him and Al Qur’aan:)
* Take them to other childrens’ hifdh jalsa and Qur’aan programmes.
* Encourage them to each have their own favourite reciter who they listen to often. This will inspire them keep them hopeful and increase their love for Qur’aan.
* I often address my son, not only by his name , but by saying ‘o friend of the Qur’aan’ ..he loves this!
* Read 2 rak’aats salaah, beseeching Allah’s Guidance and Help.
* If you or your spouse are haafidh, let the children test your dhor! It will lift their spirits and self-esteem!
* Depending on their ages, create your own quizzes and events at home, with regards to their knowledge of Qur’aan
* Ensure that your schedule is timeous and punctual : children need routine and discipline
* Increase their excitement about being with Qur’aan, by helping them to prepare for their time with Al Qur’aan: making wudhu, wearing clean clothes, using the miswaak, facing the Qibla direction.
* Relate their individual Qur’aan achievements to close family, so they will know that you are pleased with them.
* For older children, it is importnat that they begin realising that the hifdh is not a 2 , 3 or 5 year journey, but a lifelong gift from Allah Ta’ala, taht must be looked after, protected & nurtured, all with gratitude to The Most High.

May Allah Ta’ala guide us & help us, so that we may nurture the next generation of Qur’aan friends, who love its Words deeply and live devotedly by its profound Message & depth of Wisdom, aameen!
o Allah! Make us from amongst the family of Qur’aan, aameen!

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  • Tasnim
    Posted at 00:00h, 03 Jul Reply

    MASHAÁLLAH!This is fantastic….may we be inspired to use Al-Quraan as an opportunity to bond and spend precious quality moments with our children…Insha-Allah.May it be a means of ours and the entire ummat”s salvation,a source of peace,blessings,barakah,happiness…Oh Allah imbue in our children’s hearts intense love for You and Your noble kalaam,and grant them taufeeq to act on your commands sincerely,Ameen.

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