Qur’aan and young children
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Qur’aan and young children

Qur’aan and young children

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah

The following incident was mentioned by an Islamic scholar from Canada.
The incident is about his 18 month-old daughter.

This scholar had begun teaching his 3 year-old son Qur’aan and ahaadeeth without wasting any time.
Mashaa Allah, the young boy had already memorised surah Faateha andvarious other surahs.
One day, his young daughter was sitting beside her brother, whilst he was reciting surah Faateha to their father.
At this stage, the little girl was already pronouncing her first words clearly.
Now, when her brother recited the 5th verse of surah Faateha until: “Ihdinas-siraat…”, the little girl suddenly said, “Al Mustaqeem”, and completed the verse.

SubhaanAllah! How blessed is this child whose firstwords are amongst the words of the Glorious Qur’aan! All this, she had learnt whilst her father was teaching her older brother!

It is very important to teach Islam to our children in their early childhood.
We can easily bend trees in any direction when they are still small. But when the trees grow bigger, stronger and taller, 10 people pushing togetherm are unable to bend them.
Similarly, teaching children when they are young is necessary, so that they live on the Straight Path. But this teaching should be distinguished with kindness, love and gentleness, whilst maintaining a routine of discipline & respect, inshaa Allah.

May this narrative inspire us to love the Qur’aan, and to bring up a generation who will also love the Qur’aan and live by its profound message, aameen!


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