Fee Qalbee recommendation: Audio resource
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Fee Qalbee recommendation: Audio resource

Fee Qalbee recommendation: Audio resource

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah
Dear sisters in Islam,

Alhamdulillah! Time is a blessing, a gift, and yet a trust from Allah ‘Azza wa Jall…Each of us are either in a state where we hasten or procrastinate, neither of which bode well for the striving believer, the aspiring haafidha of Al Qur’aan.

In the midst of our Qur’aan memorisation routine, we may find that, as the volume increases, there seems to be ‘insufficient’ time to review our memorisation as much as we would like to.

Some of our readers are part-time students, working, mothers & have numerous family / work commitments.
So, how do we ensure that our Qur’aan is being thoroughly reviewed – and regularly, too?

One of the ways in which to enhance your tahfeedh, is through audio review & revision. Utilise one of the many technological means available, through which you may listen to your assigned section of Qur’aan. This is ideal when travelling to / from work, school, appointments, etc. It is also a very effective way to revise, if you find taht certain surahs / ajzaa’ which you had previously memorised, had now weakened considerably. And finally, it’s an essential part of the daily revision routine, for any sister who has memorised the Qur’aan & wishes to strengthen, improve & enhance the quality of her recitation & memorisation, inshaa Allah.

Mashaa Allah, with the advancement in technology, you & I have a vast expanse of choices: We have the choice to memorise & revise effeciently, with the inclusion of technology in our review routine; we can choose to live in the pretense that technology is for work & social networking only…or, we could choose to co-exist with the reality that our preservation of tahfeedh is an interwoven tapestry of audio AND visual learning. The choice, is ultimately yours: Choose to use a CD, MP3, iPod, phone application, etc. to strengthen the Qur’aan which Allah has gifted YOU to memorise; choose to commit to the Qur’aan & the doors of beneficial knowledge expand for you!

Today, i’d love to share with you one (of many) website(s) from which you may download Qur’aan, as part of your review routine:


May we be of those who listen to Al Qur’aan regularly, for the pleasure of Allah ‘Azza wa Jall, aameen.

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