Feedback on readers Hifdh presentation
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Feedback on readers Hifdh presentation

Feedback on readers Hifdh presentation

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmtullah

Alhamdulillah, a few weeks back, one of the Fee Qalbee blog readers emailed us requesting for the valuable feedback & input of our readers, students & clients. This was with regards to a project that she was required to present at university.

Mashaa Allah! The feedback was encouraging & the superb input of many of our readers was heart-warming, both to the Fee Qalbee team & to our sister.

Today, I’d love to share with you the sister’s response & feedback, post-presentation:

Assalamu ‘alaykum warahmatullah,

I would like to pass on a massive Jazakum Allahu kheir to all sisters who aided in my university seminar. I learnt that it can be very difficult to talk about one’s passion, because its something personal and deep that cannot be expressed in words. Especially if its related to the Qur’an and Islam; one never feels they can give it justice (especially in a time-limit!). Alhamdulilah your contributions helped me refine my expression and choice of points to cover. By the Grace of Allah swt, i scored a high grade for this seminar alhamdulilah. Barak allahu feekum!

My professors response was quite limited compared to what i hoped. He briefly mentioned it was ‘interesting’; however he may have been restricted to comment/discuss further due to the secular policies of the university. On the other hand, the students were more inquisitive. However asking questions more related to the act of memorising itself. Surprisingly, a pleasant experience that came from this was realising that i wasn’t the only muslim in the class as i had initially presumed. I chased after a girl from my class after we were dismissed to ask about her thoughts and use the opportunity for a bit of da’wah. She said “It was inspiring… ive always tried to memorise parts of the Quran, and alhamdulilah this seminar was a source of motivation to teach my brother as well”. I was befuddled, why would a non-Muslim want to memorise the Quran? i asked her if she’s Muslim and she said “yes!”. Subhan Allah, its unfortunate that i couldn’t guess she was so, however may Allah swt guide us all, that was the first day of her 3 years at uni, that she learnt where the musalla (prayer room) was and took the opportunity to explore it.

My advice to my sisters, as a result of my experience with this seminar:
I do believe the muslimeen need to MAKE (not just take) opportunities from within their secular studies (or work/environemnts), to draw upon the message of Islam and share the haqq (truth) with others. Unfortunately, living in a secular society it’s not easy to speak about religion, hence it’s incumbent on us to creatively think of ways to bring up the topic in our everyday affairs and in whatever way possible. Set the stage for their curiosity, “convey even if its one ayah” (as per the hadith) and leave a positive impact on hearts and minds. Indeed, we will be held accountable for not sharing the haqq with others. We must do our utmost to avoid the situation of having the non-Muslims pointing at us on the day of Judgement (Allahumma ‘afeena) saying “Punish her ya rab! she concealed the truth from me and didn’t invite me to it!”. May Allah swt protect us and aid us in being tools for His sake, ameen.

For this seminar, we were given the choice of various topics – i deliberately chose a flexible topic that i knew i could cover at least some points about that which matters most for every human being – deen al haqq, Islam. (Yes matters most although little do MOST know of its value, though soon they shall come to know.. on the day when every nation will be forced “kneel” to the Most-Great, whether they did so or refused to do so in the dunya (as mentioned in surat aljathiya)).

May Allah swt make us of those who are sincere, act upon their words and deserve the ultimate reward, Jannatul firdaws. Ameen

wa assalamu ‘alaykum warahmatullah,
Your sister in Islam, Hamilatul Qur’an

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