Fee Qalbee’s latest project!
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Fee Qalbee’s latest project!

Fee Qalbee’s latest project!

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah,
Precious sisters:

Alhamdulillah, it’s great to be back on the blogging scene with you, after the ‘Eid break. Shukran for all the beautiful ‘eid messages & emails – I pray that yours was a splendid one, too.
There are many valuable correspondence from our sisters, inshaa Allah, I hope to complete the replies to your queries within the next day.

Post-Ramadaan, and alot of pertinent questions were being asked, such as: How do I maintain momentum of my spiritual striving, beyond this blessed month? How do I ensure that my humble efforts of increased Qur’aan, Dhikr, Du’aa & good deeds continue, uninterrupted?

RAMADAAN MUSLIMAH FOREVER! FEE QALBEE’S latest mentoring & coaching project!

Here’s more….
*Ramadaan Muslimah Forever is a Life Motivation programme to inspire & encourage spiritual growth & development, post-Ramadaan.
*Personalised & structured sessions via skype / phone from the comfort of your home, which assist YOU in structuring realistic goal plans, on how best to remain consistent in your spiritual efforts of Ramadaan 1431.
*Each half hour session incorporates: long-term & short-term goal planning, addressing key issues such as: time appreciation, mind-mapping & life skills assessment. A series of 6 sessions would, inshaa Allah, enable an individual / group to effectively plan ahead for the coming months, in mapping out & seeking to efficiently follow a course of ‘action’.
*Sessions available to sisters only : individual / family / group.
*For further queries / bookings, email: rayhaanah@feeqalbee.com
*Gift vouchers also available.

~Keep the spirit of Ramadaan ALIVE!

p.s. For sisters on bb, please join our group, of which there are two:
Fee Qalbee
Fee Qalbee (2)

or add the pin: 22464FDo

–More about our bb group in the next blog post:)

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