Attentive Hearts
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Attentive Hearts

Attentive Hearts

Mashaa Allah! these beautiful words that relate to our hearts & the Qur’aan were sent to us by sister Sumayya..shukran, sister!
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May you be blessed with another fast of relection, spiritual beauty & taqwa, aameen!

The most benefical and sanctified daily spiritual practice is the recitation of the Holy Quran.

However, this is based on the condition that this recitation is not mere verbal pronunciation of the holy text. There must be participation of the qalb (heart)

This involvement of the qalb does not only imply understanding the meanings of what is being read. It means that the one who is reciting is attentive and aware that,

– he is reading the speech (kalam) of Allah,
– that this text has been send by Allah for our salvation and
– Allah is attentive and listening to it when it is being recited.

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