Do you live the beauty of the Qur’aan?
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Do you live the beauty of the Qur’aan?

Do you live the beauty of the Qur’aan?

Imam al-Aajuri (rahimahullah) says in his book Akhlaq Ahl al-Qur’aan:

“The first thing that he (the student of Qur’aan) must do is utilise the taqwa of Allah in secrecy and in openness by developing wara’ (piety) in his eating and drinking, in his sense of dress and in his home, with insight of his era and the fasaad (sins and evil) of his people so that he is cautious against them with regards to his Deen. He is highly devoted over his state of affairs and deeply concerned with correcting what has become corrupt in his matters. He guards his tongue and yet is distinguished by his speech.”

“If he studies the Qur’aan then he does so with complete understanding and intellect. What concerns him is fully comprehending that which Allah has made mandatory on him to follow and adhere to, and desisting from what He `azza wa jall has forbid him from. His concern is not ‘when will I finish the Qur’aan?’

But rather his deep concern is ‘when will I be fully content with Allah and independent of other than Him?’ ‘When will I be from the Muttaqeen? When will I be from the Muhsineen? When will I be from the Mutawakkileen (relying only on Allah)? When will I be from the Khashi’een (humbled to Allah)? When will I be from the Sabireen (patient)? When will I be from the Sadiqeen (truthful)? When will I be from the Kha’ifeen (fearful)? When will I be from the Raajeen (hopeful)? When will I become ascetic in this world? When will I yearn for the Hereafter? When will I repent from sins? When will I recognise the successive blessings of Allah? When will I thank Him for it? When will I deeply understand the public address from Allah (i.e. this Qur’aan)? When will I sincerely comprehend what I’m reciting? When will I overcome my soul’s desires? When will I strive for Allah with a true striving? When will I guard my tongue? When will I lower my gaze? When will I protect my chastity and when will I have hayaa’ (modesty/shyness) of Allah with a true and honest hayaa’?

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  • Nawaal
    Posted at 22:42h, 23 Aug Reply

    JazakAllah for such an insightful reminder. Indeed may we strive to be on this path, always, IA, seeking these questions and answers.

  • Rugshana
    Posted at 21:24h, 28 Jan Reply

    Masha alah…..that is truly beautiful words…

    • Rayhaanah
      Posted at 13:57h, 29 Jan Reply

      Alhamdulillah! indeed:) , glad that you enjoyed reading the post, sister Rugshana

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