It’s never too late to memorise the Qur’aan
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It’s never too late to memorise the Qur’aan

It’s never too late to memorise the Qur’aan

Wonder Grand Mom.

For this 93-year-old, it’s Never Too Late to Memorise Quran
By: Ahmed Shaaban

22 December 2009 SHARJAH – Illiterate or not, Fatima Mohammed Ali, Emirati, is the first 93-year-old woman to have participated in a Holy Quran Award in the whole world.

The mother and grandmother of 120 children, Fatima started her journey with the Holy Quran at the age of 80, and has memorised many chapters of the holy book.

“Although she is pretty old, she never misses a lesson of Quran at the mosque early in the morning every day,” Ahmed Musa, one of Fatima’s grandsons, told Khaleej Times.

“She is even more keen to fully memorise the holy Quran than her young kids, seeking God’s blessings and paradise in the hereafter.”

Based in Khor Fakkan of the emirate of Sharjah, Fatima started participating in the Sharjah Quran Award since it was open for all ages to enhance her memorisation and encourage her grandchildren to learn the holy Quran by heart.

“My grandmother does not read or write. However, listens to the cassettes and receives help from her grandchildren, particularly 23-year-old Badr, who has always been very close to her,” Musa said.

“Badr, who is studying law, patiently teaches her the Quran verse by verse after she moved to his house, following a gruesome accident that claimed five members of the family.”

Musa said his grandmother was a furious woman before memorising Quran. “She has become more tolerant thanks to the holy Quran. She even refuses to go outside her house unveiled.”

Meanwhile, the second edition of the Al Hassawi Holy Quran Award, which is part of the Establishment of Quran and Sunnah Award, Sharjah, saw the participation of many other old women aged between 61 and 66 competing.

As many as 900 contestants participated in the two broad categories of the competition – one for competitors below 16 years old and one for above 16.

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