My journey with the Qur’aan
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My journey with the Qur’aan

My journey with the Qur’aan

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah,
Dear Sisters,

Alhamdulillah! Jazaakillahu Khayran to each one of you for joining our ‘FEE QALBEE’ group on facebook & we humbly ask you to invite other sisters to join too, so that together, we can network, share and learn with & from each other, for the Pleasure of Allah, in our sincere quest to memorise the Word of Allah, inshaa Allah.
Recently, requested me to provide a brief, hifdh-related outline of my journey with the Qur;aan..Today, I humbly share that with you & request of you remembrancein your esteemed du’aas, please.
In peace & sisterly love,

All praise is due only unto Allaah Ta’aalaa, who blessed us with Al Qur’aan: The Sacred, Noble Book, of which its beautiful verses are like the thread from which the substance of our souls are weaved.

My personal journey towards learning Al Qur’aan began whilst growing up in Europe. Having schooled at the London Islamia School, Qur’aan & Hifdh were taught by Ayn-Shams University graduates. Academic reports pointed to a strong love and inclination towards memorising Qur’aan. Later on, I completed my secondary schooling in South Africa, which marked the starting point for memorisation of Qur’aan. Alhamdulillah, this was completed after which I continued attending tahfeedhul Qur’aan (memorisation) classes for intensive revision of the Qur’aan.
A year later, I founded Madrasah Daarul Qur’aan Linn-Nisaa’: a Qur’aan memorisation academy for sisters. The madrasah offered a specialised curriculum incorporating Qur’aanic sciences with tahfeedh. During a period of 5 years, numerous sisters completed memorisation of Qur’aan. I played an active role in creating the awareness for the need of tahfeedhul Qur’aan amongst Muslimahs, through the medium of talks, workshops, conferences & project-based seminars.
I then studied tafseerul Qur’aan for 3 years (interpretation and explanation of the Qur’aan) with Syrian-educated teachers. I networked with Qur’aan societies in the Middle East, drawing from their memorisation techniques in the form of research projects. I then studied tajweed & Qur’aan teaching methodology with the Qur’aan memorisation institute of Saudi Arabia. I received an ijaazah in teaching texts on Qur’aanic miracles from traditional scholars in Yemen. I provided additional hifdh tutoring to sisters studying at Azhar university and I lived & travelled in Egypt, furthering studies in ‘uloomul Qur’aan & memorisation of mutoon (Islamic texts), after which I worked towards & continue to, in obtaining an ijaaza in the 10 modes of recitation.
Over the past decade, I have complied research, written articles & hosted radio programmes on the importance of hifdhul Qur’aan & the history and development of Qiraa’atul Qur’aan (Qur’aan recitations). I also provide online support & lessons for aspiring haafidhaat (Muslim women wishing to memorise the Qur’aan) & blog regularly at:

We beseech Allah Most High, to bless us with sincere, conscious, repentant & believing hearts that surrender to His Commands, Aameen!

By sister Rayhaanah Omar

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