Women outnumbered men in memorisation of Qur’aan
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Women outnumbered men in memorisation of Qur’aan

Women outnumbered men in memorisation of Qur’aan

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah

May this week bring with it an abundance of blessings, love & guidance from Almighty Allah.
We’ve had plenty of positive feedback regarding our recently featured blog post of the interview with Haafidha Iffath Hasan. Alhamdulillah, so many sisters were inspired to continue with their hifdh, whilst others were in fact motivated to start hifdh:)
I came across this article dated back to June 2008, but thought it to be something interesting to share with you all.

Until the next blog post: wishing you many hours in the noble companionship of Al Qur’aan Al Kareem!

BURAIDAH, 8 June 2008 — Twenty Holy Qur’an memorizers were honored at a special function held in a mosque in Al-Asyah, 65 kilometers east of Buraidah, recently. The event was sponsored by Al-Asyah Philanthropic Society.

For the first time in the history of Al-Asyah Society for Memorizing the Holy Qur’an, women graduates outnumbered men graduates: 11 women memorized the entire Qur’an this year against nine men.

The graduates received cash prizes and certificates from Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University. There are 12 Qur’an schools for women run by the Al-Asyah Philanthropic Society.

“In Buraidah, there are more than 30 schools for women,” said Ali ibn Mohammad Al-Ajlan, general director of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs’ branch in the city.

Citing the criticism of some writers on the role of Qur’an memorization societies, Sulaiman ibn Abdulrahman Al-Rubei, the head of Qassim Holy Qur’an Philanthropic Society played down such propaganda and described the Qur’an memorization societies as “strong, solid and clean.”

Al-Rubei pointed out that the number of graduates of these societies reached 2,300 in Qassim alone. “Qur’an schools for girls have reached 130 schools in the region,” he added. The number of students at Al-Asyah Society alone has reached about 1,600. They belong to 94 groups in different mosques in Al-Asyah.

More than 150 students have memorized the Qur’an and now lead prayers in local mosques or work as teachers. The society has established 12 centers for women with more than 530 students.

Among the graduates honored is Amanullah Wali Al-Rahman Khan, a 12-year-old Indian student who memorized the entire Qur’an. Amanullah’s sister, Asmaa, is one of the 11 women graduates who were honored at the function.

“I thank God for helping me to memorize the Holy Qur’an at this young age. It is a great pride and at the same time a big responsibility. I thank everyone who has helped me to achieve this goal, including my parents and teachers,” the child said.

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