Setting the Wheels into Motion!
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Setting the Wheels into Motion!

Setting the Wheels into Motion!

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah

Dear Friends of Al Qur’aan,
All & beautiful praise belongs to Allah Ta’ala, who has inspired & kindled within His precious servants the desire to memorise The Noble Qur’aan!
I can recall countless family members, friends, students & colleagues, who have all expressed this sincere desire to memorise His Book, but are stopped by the question: “Is it too late in life for me to memorise Qur’aan???” And concerns such as whether one will cope or complete memorisation, surface.

Dear sisters & aspiring memorisers: There is no ‘deadline date’, no stamp that requires one to begin or even complete within a certain time frame. There are inspirational stories galore, of how other sincere believers have achieved this spitual goal even as grandparents, SubhaanAllah! And how fortunate we are then, for we have practically NOTHING holding us back from living our dreams of memorising the Precious Words:)

It is never too late! Never!

I’ve previously posted the interviews and narratives of these amazing believers – the youth who memorised the Qur’aan in less than 2 months, the octogenarian, who, inspired by her youngest daughter, became a haafidha of the entire Qur’aan!

The strength of their will-power, the conviction of their faith & the devotion of their spiritual hearts are extremely uplifting!
I’ve mentored many mothers of huffaadh, who’ve spent a significant part of their motherhood in supporting their children throughout the journey of hifdh – It then becomes a momentous journey which they embark on (themselves) later on in life.

There is no perfect time to start hifdh..Rather, the best time is NOW! For, it the ONLY time… Tomorrow is NEVER guaranteed, SubhaanAllah! Don’t count the days & months to nearing completion, rather cherish this spiritual journey & examine the quality, not quantity, of what you’ve memorised:)

My advise to you, would be: Mabrook-Congratulations- to you for taking the first step. And that is in acknowledging the importance of Hifdhul Qur’aan in EVERY muslimah’s life. Now, re-affirm your intention. Set out to seek a qualified teacher, whom you respect & fear. Strengthen your tajweed & fluency. Now, devote yourself to preserving the Precious Words.
So, you may ask: “Is it really as simple as that?!”
Sure it is, inshaa Allah! Why not:) For, Allah wishes ease upon us & not difficulty, Alhamdulillah:)

Yes, whilst there may be more challenges in the management of your time & other duties, depending on whether you’re a student, working, wife, mom or grand-ma…And yes, it WILL take plenty of self-determination, discipline & sacrifices..Oh, and there may be pessimists who may try to dissuade you from this enlightened pathway..Or you may have even started hifdh earlier in life & for whatever reason, did not reach your goal …but please know that the rewards are greater, the fulfilment is incredible & the benefits are far-reaching. It has been said that ‘with age, comes greater spiritual maturity’. Alhamdulillah for that, sisters! You’re only as old as you think you are, right;)

Think of it like this: If each aspiring haafidha were to doubt her Allah-given ability to memorise His Book, or to procrastinate this elevated goal, then…we would have none of these inspirationally profound narratives of amazing believers who memorised Qur’aan in later life!

I’m going to leave you for today with an absolutely motivating, true-life story: Twenty years ago, in an Indonesian village, a mother cried as her youngest son left home to further his tertiary education. As she wiped away the tears, she was overcome with her inner thoughts: of life’s purpose, reality & the Hereafter. She searched within herself to seek the answers that she fervently sought. She thought of her days as a young child, and what brought her much joy. It was in memorising the Qur’aan! It was what she loved to do! She recalls spending hours as a 10-year old, head bent over her Qur’aan, repeating the verses over and over again, until, satisfied that she had engraved its Words on her heart. In this way, she had memorised 5 ajzaa’ of Qur’aan. She married in her late teens & spent the next 30 years looking after her family & bringing up her children. She wistfully thought of how she never had the opportunity to complete her hifdh. But, now she did! With purpose & resoluteness, she set forth in fulfilling her life’s achievement – and achieve it she did…a mere 2 years later!

‘Nuff said…Now, set the wheels of YOUR dream in motion! Aspire & achieve!
Much love & Tons of heartfelt encouragement,

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