Verse by Verse Qur’aan
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Verse by Verse Qur’aan

Verse by Verse Qur’aan

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah
Dear sisters,

Here’s hoping that everyone’s having a great week so far, enjoying the many beautiful bounties that Allah Ta’ala has blessed us with, Alhamdulillah!

Today, I’d love to share with you a link & some brief information about another beneficial site, inshaa Allah:) But first, a quick review of the results of our last poll – shukran jazeelan to all of our sisters who participated & I hope that you continue to do so:)
The question posed was: ‘Who/what inspires you to memorise Qur’aan?’
83% of ‘Fee Qalbee’ readers stated their answer to be Allah ; whilst 17% selected rewards & blessings.
This month’s poll question: ‘Does incorrect time-management pose a challenge to your memorisation?’
You can view a previous post that deals with the importance of time
(featured in a blog post this June)
34t1s9e is an easy-to-use, comprehensive site that aids in memorising Al Qur’aan, with its easy access to MP 3 -formatted Qur’aan recitation. Included, are the murattal recitations of Shaykh Minshawy & the mujawwad recitations of Shakh Abdul Basit & Husary. Also, the colour coded Qur’aan ( with tajweed rules) & high quality Qur’aan images are available online.
With comprehensive explanations on how best to benefit from this site, here’s a great opportunity to enhance your learning & revision of memorised verses, whilst commuting to school, work & during your leisure time!

If you know of any other beneficial sites that can enhance Qur’aanic memorisation, please email or post details in the comment section – jazaakillahu khayran!

~O Allah! Make us of those whose lives are attached to the Qur’aanic principles, aameen..O Allah! Make easy its memorisation upon the hearts of every sincere seeker of sacred knowledge, aameen!~

May Allah bless your hours & days with the preservation of the Preserved Speech,
Was salaam: Rayhaanah

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