Memorising Qur’aan improves academic performance
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Memorising Qur’aan improves academic performance

Memorising Qur’aan improves academic performance

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah,

Alhamdulillah, there’s been plenty of recent coverage on the annual International Qur’aan awards held last month..the articles, reports, interviews, sound & visual bytes have been so heart-warming & encouraging..subhaanAllah! just through the medium of Qur’aanic memorisation, hundreds of people from the most diverse ends of the world, are brought together, in the spirit of the preservation, guarding & honouring the Divine Message!
Here’s how tahfeedhul Qur’aan changed & improved the life of one 20 year-old participant:
Ahmed Shaaban

6 September 2009,
DUBAI — Some youngsters may not get the time for memorising the 
Holy Quran because of their tough 
educational requirements, but this 
is not the case with 20-year-old 
Yaseen Mamduh.

A student of medicine, Mamduh is representing Syria in the Dubai International Holy Quran Award. He has been nominated by the Syrian Ministry of Awqaf.

Talking to Khaleej Times, Mamduh said he started memorising the holy Quran at the age of five and finished 
at seven.

“I used to go to Al Hamza and 
Al Abbasi mosques in Damascus as 
well as Al Asad Quran Learning Centre. My parents always encouraged me 
and my five brothers, of whom two 
have memorised the holy Quran fully,” he said.

“I was very keen to participate in 
the DIHQA, which I had heard about and used to follow on TV. Thanks to God, I came first in a competition and wish to secure the first rank in this award, which is my first international competition,” Mamduh said.

He said the task of memorising holy Quran was never an obstacle to his studies. “I simply organise my time, read and revise the holy Quran more during summer holiday – mostly five parts a day. Memorising the holy Quran has helped me much in my studies. I far excelled my colleagues. I, therefore, 
advise all parents to encourage their children to memorise the holy Quran.”

He said memorising the holy 
Quran has won him people’s respect and admiration. It has changed his life for the better.

Another contestant is 19-year-old Mohamed Fahmi, whose two brothers also are memorising the Holy Quran 
in full.

Representing Sri Lanka in the DIHQA, this is the fifth international competition Mohamed is participating in and he is very keen on winning.

Mohamed started memorising the holy Quran at Imam Al Shafei College for Islamic Studies at the age of nine and finished at 12.

“I used to read, write and memorise initially one page of the holy Quran each day, and later six pages a day. I also read it in full every three days. That helped me win the first rank in four holy local Quran competitions,” Mohamed told Khaleej Times.

Mohamed’s father as well as his 
college encouraged him to memorise the holy Quran. They used to support him with money and gifts.

“I was basically very keen to fully memorise the holy Quran to hopefully 
enter paradise. I also wish to be one of those who shall be told in the Hereafter to keep reciting the holy Quran 
until they finish, and their rank in Paradise shall, therefore, be decided,” 
Mohamed said.

Mohamed, a student of Imam Al Shafei College, was nominated by 
the Islamic Cultural Department in 
Sri Lanka.

“I wish to enhance memorisation and win the first prize and best represent my country, and make my family and college proud of me,” he said.

Mohamed then said that Arabic language was not a problem to him as he had joined Arabic classes in Imam Al Shafei College.
Remember the Ummah in your du’aas,

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