Righteous Friends, Spiritual Friendships!
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Righteous Friends, Spiritual Friendships!

Righteous Friends, Spiritual Friendships!

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah,

Here’s hoping that the past week has been extremely beneficial for you in your memorization & revision of Al Qur’aan..Always remember, that every effort makes a difference: either in improving your tajweed, bettering your recollection of certain similar verses & ultimately, the process of memorization should be one that draws us closer to Allah Ta’ala..every verse learnt & preserved is one step closer towards preserving the Words of Al Qur’aan in our hearts!

As promised, a checklist for good, Islamic friendships – such bonds which will increase our belief & strengthen our conviction, inshaa Allah!

“Friends on that day will be foes to one and another – except the Righteous Ones.” Noble Qur’an (43:67)

All such “friends” will, on the Day of Judgment, become each other’s enemies, each lamenting and blaming the other before Allah (SWT), for having supported and encouraged them towards the ultimate and eternal destruction. Allah (SWT) makes an exception to this situation in the Qur’anic verse above: “except those who are al-muttaqeen: the righteous ones”. So who are these ‘righteous ones’, who will be happily together in the Hereafter just as they were together in the world? How can you tell whether your friend is really and truly your sincere “friend”?

Here is a checklist of characteristics that depict a friendship that will lead to success in the Hereafter.

When together, you both:

1. Remind each other of Allah (SWT) when you set eyes on each other.
2. Leave each other’s company with a higher level of imaan [faith in Allah (SWT)].
3. Inevitably start the conversation with the Islamic greeting ‘As-Salaamu Alaykum’, and receive the masnoon reply for it.
4. Do the masnoon mu’aanaqah (hug) and musafahah (handshake) on a regular basis.
5. Almost always mention Allah (SWT), Noble Qur’aan, in some context or the other, in your conversations.
6. Strengthen each other’s belief on the Hereafter.
7. Always end up exchanging useful and mature ideas and thoughts. Love each other above and beyond worldly benefits.
8. Attend religious study-circles/ halaqah’s together. Have prayed salaah together many times.
9. Have watched each other cry, out of fear of Allah (SWT) or out of regret for committing a transgression.
10. Listen attentively if the other is saying something that pleases Allah (SWT).
11. Politely point out and reform each other’s mistakes or bad habits in the best way possible.
12. Return an Amanah (item placed in other’s trust/safekeeping) belonging to the other in its original state.
13. Smile together, but with decent, non-malicious humour. Enquire regularly about the health of the other’s family.
14. Become uninterested and change the subject if the other starts to say something that is impermissible.
15. Always discourage the other if they plan to do something wrong.
16. Always encourage the other if they intend to do a good deed that they’re hesitant to do.
17. Consult each other in important matters. Give each other advice seriously and sincerely.
18. Never waste each other’s time in useless activities. Never invite the other to a place or gathering of sin.
19. Have full trust that they will never reveal secrets or personal problems to others, nor will they gossip about you behind your back.
20. Address each other in a respectful and loving manner. Forgive each other’s faults and shortcomings, and hide them from others.

Those whose friendships possess most of the above characteristics are among the fortunate people who can experience a glimpse of the assembly of Paradise in the life of this world itself, where they have such sincere and true friends – friends who love them for the sake of Allah (SWT). It is they who shall be saved from all kinds of discomfort and pain on the Day of Judgment when their Lord will provide them with a special place, as per His promise.

May Allah Ta’ala bless us all with great friendships that help us in sowing the seeds for the Gardens of Ever-Lasting Bliss, aameen!
Here’s wishing you a spiritually enriched week ahead!

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  • afrah
    Posted at 18:08h, 15 Oct Reply

    BarakAllahu feeki, sister nice article!!!

  • Peace
    Posted at 19:20h, 16 Oct Reply

    Ya Allah! Sister, i simply cant stop mytears flowing out of jou happiness and gratitude to Allah :)…Allah has blessed me with such a friendship(MashaAllah) ….SubhanaAllah…Love you for the sake of Allah for showing me how blessed im …JazakAllah Khair 🙂

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