Qur’aanic Audio
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Qur’aanic Audio

Qur’aanic Audio

Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah,

Dear Sisters,
Another week almost nearing completion, SubhaanAllah! May Allah Ta’ala grant blessings in our time & may He always guide us, so that we continuously utilise the precious trust of time, to earn His Divine Pleasure, aameen!

This is a busy time of the year for everyone: Whilst in some parts of the world, students are beginning the 1rst school term, there are others who are preparing for finals or year-end exams – And may Allah Ta’ala grant ease, acceptance & success to every true seeker of beneficial knowledge, aameen:)

So, in light of this, I thought it most appropriate to introduce / remind you of another great memorization tool, that could, inshaa Allah, be of immense benefit – especially to students..because, it’s mainly at hectic times of the academic year, that many tahfeedhul Qur’aan students tend to neglect or slacken in their learning process – many students have expressed how overwhelmed or even despondent they’ve felt, especially during an exam period. Introducing a learning tool such as this, will no doubt lighten the load & assist you in retaining what you have already worked so hard to memorise of Al Qur’aan Al Hakeem, Inshaa Allah:)

~Introducing… QuranicAudio.com~

As per their site:
“QuranicAudio.com is the largest collection of cd quality Quran recitations on the internet. Mp3s on this site may be downloaded and used for personal use free of charge.”

Sisters, with a collection of more than 30 different recitors, you’re literally ‘spolit for choice’, Alhamdulillah! Recitors include: Shaykh Muhammad Hassan, Fares Abbad, Abdullah Ali Jaabir, including the Imaams of the Haramayn Shareefayn.
In addition to this, those in the field of Qir’aat, will greatly appreciate the selection of recital modes, which include : warsh, soosi, doori & khalaf – Their latest addition-amongst others-being the recital of Shaykh Mahmood Khaleel Al-Husaree in Doori!
Recitations with translations are also featured on this comprehensive site, including an urdu translation.

Now the perfect opportunity to revise what you’ve remembered & to recall what you’ve retained, from the verse of Al Qur’aan Al Majeed, inshaa Allah! An effective revision tool for completed huffadh & those on the journey towards its completion, Alhamdulillah!

Visit: www.quranicaudio.com

All the best!

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