: The Art of Memorization
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Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah

Mashaa Allah! Post-Ramadaan, our inbox has been filled with numerous emails from students, teachers & some parents, too, sharing with us their personal Qur’aan resolutions..Each resolution a clear reminder of the spiritual potential & merciful embrace of this Great Month of The Qur’aan! Alhamdulilllah, we also had a very positive & wonderful response to the online Ramdaan hifdh support sessions & we hope that the advise, hints & tips shared, will be beneficial to your learning journey, inshaa Allah.

With inspiration, motivation & goodwill cheering on all our aspiring huffaadh, let’s now focus on some Qur’aan memorisation tools, that will, inshaa Allah, assist in enhancing & improving tahfeedhul Qur’aan.

Have you ever found yourself looking for a particular ayah from the Quran on a CD or mp3, [usually during memorization] but found it impossible to find it because most surahs are 20+ minutes and one track long?
Some brothers memorizing the Quran ran into the same problem and came up with a simple solution; take a digital/audio version of Quran and divide all the ayahs of the Quran into tracks. allows you to download the audio Quran (mp3) that has been divided digitally into tracks/ayahs. So if Baqarah has 286 ayahs, the eHafiz version now has 286 tracks. Simple!

Which reciters’ recitation have you done so far?
-The first Shaykh whose recitation was divided/split is Shaykh Muhammad Ayyub. Many find his enunciation and pronunciation of tajweed rules quite clear for an untrained ear. All the surahs are ID3 tagged for easy organization in your mp3 player of choice.

What can I use this for?
-Helping kids/adults memorize the Quran
-Helping kids who are in an after school Quran class to practice their lesson
-Great for preparing a Khutbah or speech

It’s as easy as that! So now the next step is to visit: & improve the art of memorization!

Sincere appreciation & gratitude to Umm Hurairah for the site recommendation & the team of for their permission to post website information.

Wishing you many hours of beneficial learning, inshaa Allah!

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  • Shahnaaz
    Posted at 18:52h, 29 Sep Reply

    what an excellent idea masha Allah!

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