Sacred Nights & Blessed Days!
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Sacred Nights & Blessed Days!

Sacred Nights & Blessed Days!


Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah

Dearest Sisters:

Blessed be Allah, the best to create: Allah Ta’ala has sent us to this world, to test us in our faith whether it is profound or not.

Like millions of other muslims around the world, the month of Ramadaan is my all-time favourite of the entire year:)


One of the highlights being the opportunity to recite Qur’aan abundantly, to strengthen my relationship with the Qur’aan & to renew my intention & purpose to read, love & live by the Qur’aan, for His Pleasure & His Pleasure Alone! Weak as I am, this month presents the ideal, golden, heavenly opportunity to gain nearness to His Divine Proximity, Allah Willing.

Today, throughout the day, the words of Yawar Baig have remained at the foremost of my thoughts: “The Qur’aan is the closest sign of The Creator that one can hope to see, feel, touch. It is to be honoured, venerated, read, memorised, understood & practised. Not changed.”

I shared these wise words on twitter earlier today, because I think that they ring true, so true, of the spiritual atmosphere that permeates the Ramadaan air!

Laylatul Qadr is the night of heavenly revelation..of the words which we commit to memory..of the words which should form the constitution of our daily lives..of the words that remind us of the history, the reality & of what is to come..& of the words that inspire the obedient servants to the Ultimate, Supreme Destination: The Paradise!

These are the nights for us to stand in prayer, in communion with The Almighty, seeking His Supreme Mercy, Protection, Forgiveness & Grace..imploring Him [Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala] for our success in both the worlds..for His Sublime Response to our needs & dreams..Yearning for His Divine Love, Care & Compassion!

These are the nights for us to spend in reciting The Noble Qur’aan, in slow, rhythmic tones, remembering the Words which we have memorised, recalling those we may have forgotten, pondering on those which touch our hearts, contemplating on those which move souls…in communion with The Almighty through The Beautiful Words which He has blessed us with!

~Oh Allah!Indeed, You love the one who loves you..Indeed, we are in need of You..we turn to You, to Your Forgiveness, needy of Your Perfect Mercy..Oh Allah! Make us close to all that You love!~

In the still of these serene nights, when you raise your hands to ask of Him, please remember the ummah of Ar-Rasoolullah [sallalahu ‘alayhi wa sallam], the oppressed & every single precious muslimah who aspires to or already preserves the Qur’aan in her heart, mind & soul!

Come the month of Shawwaal & the Day of ‘Eid, I hope to hear of many more mothers, sisters & friends joining the family of the Qur’aan, inshaa Allah!

In these glorious days, may the seeds of righteousness that you plant, cultivate fragrant gardens for you in Paradise, aameen:)

Requesting remembrance in your esteemed supplications,


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