In My Heart..Always!
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In My Heart..Always!

In My Heart..Always!


Assalaamu  ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah,

All & absolute praise is due only unto Allah Ta’ala, who blessed us with Al Qur’aan: The Sacred, Noble Book, of which its beautiful verses are like the thread from which the substance of our souls are  weaved.

An 84 year old grandmother stands reciting salaatut-Taraweeh each night, cherishing the rays of spiritual light that each word contains.. A 16 year old cousin is inspired to don the jilbaab after internalising the verses of Soorat Al-Ahzaab.. A depressed friend finds the optimism of life within the valiant stories of Allah’s Messengers (Peace be upon them all)..A middle aged neighbour is motivated to revise what he has neglected of Qur’aan memorisation.. & a 2 year old niece recites theSoorat Al-Ikhlaas, as her parents proudly witness the start of a momentous spiritual journey.

Throughout life & especially in Ramadaan, I’ve never ceased to be amazed & truly inspired, as I witness strangers, family & friends alike, turning to Al Qur’aan as their compass.

Snap-shots from Life’s album this Ramadaan : The spiritual magnet of this radiant month is the Qur’aan! It is Divine Remembrance of Allah. And this Remembrance can only be achieved by deep contemplation & reflection.

Really, it’s the prime opportunity to renew our dedication, commitment & love for the Glorious Book.

The Clear Book contains messages that I can fully accept & live by, because it has been revealed by a flawless author, through His true Messenger (sallalahu ‘alayhi wa sallam).

The Preserved Book contains timeless teachings which Allah Ta’ala has promised to safeguard, imprinted upon the heart of our beloved Rasoolullah (sallalahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) & transferred to those fortunate heirs..Fortunate heirs  to continue its preservation until the Final Day.


On a recent trip to Turkey, I discovered an amazing Qur’aanic legacy that, until recently, a nation had the privilege & honour of being the custodians of all the Holy Precincts of Islaam – & even the sacred relics of the most glorious of all human beings. One haafidhul Qur’aan  per house – A minimum of one haafidhul Qur’aan.  A lineage that didn’t pass on gold trinkets or silver vessels, SubhaanAllah!

Al Qur’aan: The most glorious of all inheritance! As they kept it in their hearts, as they preserved it in their bosoms, they too, were preserved. And their contributions adorn the sanctuaries of Makkah Mukarramah, Madinah Munawwarah & Al Quds Al Mubaaruk.

Allah opened their hearts to the Qur’aan. They became one of the most important contributors to our Islamic legacy. A golden age no less!  Excelling in architectural feats. As carriers of the Qur’aan, every builder laying every brick surrounding the Holy Sanctuaries of Makkah & Madinah, did so whilst in wudhoo & as huffaadh.


I wish The Qur’aan in my heart.. I wish it in my speech & actions.. So that I too, may be preserved in the sight of the noble Angels!

~O my cherisher!Open my heart to the hearing of your Remembrance~

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  • Khatija
    Posted at 21:04h, 03 Sep Reply

    Aameen to your duas … and duas that you always be a role model and inspiration to all muslimahs … Insha Allah … Aameen !

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