Something new..Everyday!
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Something new..Everyday!

Something new..Everyday!


Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah

Alhamdulillah, Sunday’s online hifdh support was a great success : we had numerous queries from sisters around the world & many off-line questions which continue to come through. Really, it’s so heart-warming & inspiring to know that there are so many sisters around the world who are treading the path of sacred knowledge, whose spiritual goals include memorising Al Qur’aan..Yes, sacrifice, effort, patience & determination are all a part of it & worth every bit, no doubtJ Be sure to join us next Sunday – same time..same place, inshaa Allah! For those sisters who may have not read the post or are new to our blog (welcome, ahlan!), you can read this post for an update:

Today, I hope to touch on the topic of ‘Memorisation in Continuity’ :

It’s extremely important that a student of tahfeedhul Qur’aan should always memorise new pades in continuity, without a pause or break. Continued memorisation on a daily basis is much better than that with interruption. So, once you’ve set out the spiritual journey of memorising the Qur’aan, please make every effort to memorise something new everyday.

The question then arises: How much should I learn? Is there a set amount?

A:  The amount for each student varies. I recall having taught twin-sisters, who, though they achieved almost identical results at school, took differing amounts of homework in hifdh class. It depends largely on the individual’s ability, time restraints, study commitments (i.e.: full-time / part-time hifdh studies) & the routine set out by one’s teacher. Suffice to say, that the quantity should neither be too much nor too little. In time to come, each student will know & grasp her own ability & how much she is able to memorise, Alhamdulillah.

Did you know?

Experience has shown that 1 new page daily is an optimum which a future haafidha should try to adhere to. Notwithstanding, there should be days for rest, too.

Consider the following:

Memorise 6 new pages per week. This allows a one-day break, per week. Should a student follow through with such a plan, she would have memorised more than 250 pages per year – this is just less than half the Qur’aan.

Consider, too, the potential this routine has, in drawing you closer to Allah Ta’ala & strengthening your love for the Divine Book!

In other words, with consistency, focus & effort, a student could complete the memorisation of Qur’aan in just over 2 years, inshaa Allah!


Hmm..Potential haafidhat: Something to give thought to, during the Month of the Qur’aan, inshaa Allah!

The days are going by so quickly..It’s already the 3rd Ramadaan..Time is as sand passing through our fingers ; Ice melting at our finger-tips..Let’s make the most of it!


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