Ramadhaan: A time for Review, Revision & Renewal
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Ramadhaan: A time for Review, Revision & Renewal

Ramadhaan: A time for Review, Revision & Renewal


Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah,

Dear friends:

SubhaanAllah, within a fortnight, we will have begun the blessed Ramadhaan – the month in which every sincere seeker of truth & sacred knowledge, will experience & feel Allah’s Great Mercy, Forgiveness & Blessings!

It’s at around this time, that most tahfeedhul Qur’aan students & teachers are finalising their Ramadhaan Qur’aan schedules. And it’s now that the question often arises: How should the student of Qur’aan spend her time during this month. In other words: would it be best to review one’s previously memorised lessons, or to continue with regular lessons & memorise further?

Some aspects to consider: Does your learning / teaching routine differ in Ramadhaan? Is the student’s memorised portions weak (in long-term memory) & requires extensive review? How much has the student already memorised? Not withstanding, that some instituitions prefer to conduct yearly reviews / examinations during Ramadhaan, whilst others close for the fasting month.

Given the above possibilities, always remember that this special month, provides the ideal opportunity to build YOUR relationship with the Sacred Book..The blessinsg in time is so evident in Ramadhaan, subhaanAllah! That if one structures her time well, she could be able to memorise new verses AND apply extensive revision.

So, where do you begin? What’s the 1rst step?


Begin by reviewing all that you have memorised. A review would be a general assessment of the quality of your memorised portions. Allow for your teacher to assess /rank your memorisation of each memorised chapter. If you haven’t begun as yet, attempt to recite the memorised portions in your salaah daily. Set aside a certain amount each day & create a spiritual goal which you can aspire towards. This is one of the most effective methods by which you may ‘test’ the standards of your memorisation. Note down all the chapters that require extensive revision.

Now continue by reciting these sections often – both in salaah (think: qiyaamul layl, inshaa Allah!) & out aloud to your teacher, even recording your recitation & playing it back to yourself. Listening to your common mistakes & then jotting them down helps tremendously, as you will subconsciously recall you own recorded recitation, at a later stage. Just remember, sisters, the old method works best: plenty & plenty & plenty & …yeah! loadsa revision, over & over again..repitition is key to improving the weaker portions of your lessons.

At the same time, please keep in check the ‘spirit of your action’ : your niyyah / intent..Why are you doing this ? why are you exerting yourself, in both time & effort, to improve your hifdh? To appease your teacher, oblige your parents, impress your classmates? SubhaanAllah! You’re making this effort ONLY to earn the Pleasure of Allah, bi ithnillah:) Our Deen is so beautiful, sisters, that even renewing our intentions, is rewarded by Allah!

Qur’aan + Ramadhaan = Purification of the soul:)

Feedback on last month’s poll results:

For the month of July, we asked the question: “How important is the role of the teacher in the memorisation of Qur’aan?”

More than 86% stated that it was ‘extremely important’, whilst less than 15% indicated to it being ‘necessary’.

Alhamdulillah, the results speak for themselves..A big ‘thank you’ – jazaakillahu khayran – for participating in the polls..Don’t forget to vote in this month’s poll, too:) Shukran for the many emails & tweets with questions on the topic – May Allah bless you all & increase you in goodness!

This recent post explains last month’s poll topic in greater detail:


~O Allah!Bless our Ramadhaan with abundant recitation of the Wise Qur’aan..make us of those who recite its Beautiful Words in the hours of light & darkness, embracing all of its perfect principles.~

With respect & du’aas,


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