Memorising with a Mentor
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Memorising with a Mentor

Memorising with a Mentor


Asssalaamu ‘alaykum

One of the special blessings of Ramadaan, is the impact that it creates in the hearts & lives of the sincere believers, Alhamdulillah! As we rapidly approach the Blessed Month, they’ve been a number of queries from sisters who wish to memorise Qur’aan & requested for some pointers on how to get started. Sisters, each blog post has some beneficial info. to get you started, so..happy reading Inshaa AllahJ

But, one aspect that’s often neglected, is the important role of a teacher in one’s learning process – And that’s what I’ve tried to cover briefly in today’s post. Also, please scroll down & on the right-hand side you’ll find our hifdh poll – please vote & share your thoughts on this month’s question.

Shukran.. wishing you many hours of beneficial & happy learning!



Qur’aan is the Book which one can memorise entirely, but for that undertaking, a mentor is needed.

A person who is supposed to lead a prospective haafidhah towards her goal of committing Qur’aan to memory, is known in the muslim tradition as ‘muhaffidha’. This tradition goes back to the time of Rasoolullah (sallalahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), who memorized the Qur’aan before the angel Jibraeel (‘alayhis salaam).

In the relevant works of hadeeth, it’s recorded that Rasoolullah (sallalahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) would read before Jibraeel the entire Qur’aan, in the month of Ramadaan of every year. That process, as mentioned in a previous post, is known is Islamic Literature as “mu’aradah”, which can be translated as “collective reading” or “exposition”. In the year in which he left this world, Rasoolullah (sallalahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) read the Qur’aan before this honourable angel 2 times.

Keeping in mind the fact that Rasoolullah (sallalhu ‘alayhi wa sallam) did not know how to read, and to that testify reliable historic literature, it’s clear that during those mu’aradah readings he depended on his hifdh.

It’s strongly recommended that a muhaffidha should also be haafidha, considering that Huffadh reda the Qur’aan correctly understand & know well the difficulties awaiting a person trying to become a haafidha.  Though it’s not a must, it really does make a world of difference: Speak to numerous students all of whom have had a hifdh teacher & they’ll testify to the fact that having a mentor / teacher enhances the journey towards memorizing the Qur’aan.

For within a good teacher, one finds a support network encompassing guidance, advise, empathy, care, love & encouragement..And what makes for a good teacher, you may ask? I think the core aspect is the sincerity with which she teaches..for, it is sincerity which will translate into that encouragement & guidance which each aspiring haafidha needs! Knowing that your teacher is a haafidha herself & in all likelihood, went through learning challenges just as you are experiencing, is motivating & encouraging  – in the knowledge & optimism that you too, will inshaa Allah, complete the memorization in the near future! I’ve always maintained that memorizing Qur’aan is not only in committing to memory the Words of the Preserved Scripture, but that this journey impacts greatly on ones character, personality, attitude & lifestyle. Your consciousness of Allah The Most high increases, your heightened awareness of the Prophetic lifestyle, etc.etc., all require the support of a sincere who will help you to not only memorise the Sacred Words, but to also internalize its meaning & live its message! I could think of a thousand more reasons of why it’s important to have a mentor, but perhaps we’ll leave that for a another post entirely, inshaa AllahJ

What’s really important is that a mentor should be well acquainted with the science of Tajweed. Additionally, she should also be patient & attentive towards the one whom she leads through hifdh, because a prospective haafidha – while going through the hard process of memorizing the Qur’aan – will be faced with countless challenges, such as : tiredness, lack of enthusiasm, lack of patience, possible pre-occupation with other problems, etc.

The muhaffidha is expected to encourage her student, offering her moral & every other support , assisting her in successfully completing this noble aim.

SubhaanAllah1 The presence of a skilful & communicative mentor is absolutely essential in the process of pursuing tahfeedhul Qur’aan. Anyone who desires to become a proficient haafidha should have a mentor: One who will regularly check & supervise her reading by heart t the mutually acceptable times. Truly, the BEST for an aspiring haafidha, is to meet with & have her teacher listen to her memorized portions DAILY.

~O Allah! Increase our love towards Your Divine Scripture &  grant us noble, sincere teachers who will assist us in committing to heart Your Divine Words, aameen~

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