Research results: Qur’aan memorisation & mental health
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Research results: Qur’aan memorisation & mental health

Research results: Qur’aan memorisation & mental health

–Memorizing the holy Qur’aan helps improve individuals’ mental health, research findings in Saudi Arabia show.

According to Dr. Saleh bin Ibrahim Sani, psychology professor at the Muhammad bin Saud University in Riyadh, he has conducted a research examining how effective Qur’aan memorization can be in improving mental health.

The results show that those who have memorized a greater number of verses of the holy Qur’aan enjoy a higher level of mental health regardless of age, gender or educational level.

“60 variables were taken into consideration in this research in order to get consistent and reliable results,” Dr. Sani said. He added that in general having a strong faith is a very important component of mental health.

Some 70 research studies have been conducted on the relation between faith and mental health, including 28 in Islamic countries.

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