7 Reasons to read the Book of Allah
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7 Reasons to read the Book of Allah

7 Reasons to read the Book of Allah


Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullah,

Alhmadulillah, in the past 2 weeks since this site was established, I’ve received numerous emails from ‘memorising muslimahs’ world over…SubhaanAllah! it’s so heartening to be in touch with dear sisters who are all striving towrads earning the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala – through the journey of memorising His Book.

To all of our sisters who’ve made the intention & begun this special journey, thumbs up!A big Mashaa Allah! May Allah T’ala make you from amongst His special servants, those who are obedient & devoted to His Commands:)

Part of embarking on this great spiritual journey, is remembering the key aspects that enhance the stepping stones towards becoming a Haafidhah.

This article, shared by a reader, Sister Khadija – may Allah bless & reward her, aameen – reminds us of the intrinsic beauty of Al Qur’aan: Of why we love & attach ourselves to the Divine Book, of how we spend our youth in memorising its Words & our lives in living its inspirational message!

Be humbled in the knowledge that Allah Ta’ala has blessed this Ummah with the most beautiful, rhythmic words that can be imprinted on the hearts of every muslimah…All it takes is effort & du’aa, bi ithnillah!

May your journey be the means for your admittance into Jannah!

Was salaam,


It dares you to disprove it . How ? It says that humans cannot write a
book like this even if they pooled all their resources together and got
help from the spirits . The Noble Quran said this 1400 years ago and yet
no one has been able to disprove it . Billions of books have been written
, but not another one like the QURAN .

It is the only religious sacred writing that has been in circulation for
such a long time and yet remains as pure as it was in the beginning . The
Quran was kept intact . Nothing was added to it , nothing was changed in
it , and nothing was taken away from it ever since its revelation was
completed .

The Quran is Allah’s final revelation to humankind . Allah revealed the
Torah to Moses , the Psalms to David , the Gospel to Jesus , and finally
the Quran to Muhammad . Peace be upon Moses , David , Jesus and Muhammad .
No other book will come from Allah to surpass His final revelation .

The Quran withstands the test of time and scrutiny . No one can dispute
the truth of this book . It speaks about past history and turns out
right.It speaks about the future in prophecies and it turns out right . It
mentions details of physical phenomena which were not known to people at
the time , yet later scientific discoveries prove that the Quran was right
all along . Every other book needs to be revised to accord with modern
knowledge . The Quran alone is never contradicted by a newly discovered
scientific fact .

The Quran is the best guidebook on how to structure your life . No other
book presents such a comprehensive system involving all aspects of human
life and endeavour . The Quran also points out the way to secure
everlasting happiness in the afterlife . It is your roadmap showing how to
get to Paradise .

Allah has not left you alone . You were made for a reason . Allah tells
you why He made you . what He demands from you and what He has in store
for you . If you operate a machine contrary to its manufacturer’s
specification , you will ruin that machine . What about you ? Do you have
an owner’s manual for yourself ? The Quran is from your Maker . It is a
gift for you to make sure you function for success , lest you fail to
function .It is a healing from Allah . It satisfies the soul and cleans
the heart . It removes doubts and brings peace .

Humans are social creatures . We love to communicate with other
intelligent life . The Quran tells us how to communicate with the source
of all intelligence and the source of all life – THE ONE GOD .The Quran
tells us who God is , by what name we should address Him , and the way in
which to communicate with Him .

Are these not seven sufficient points for reading the QURAN ?

Courtesy : www.everymuslim.net

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