Practical Steps:4
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Practical Steps:4

Practical Steps:4


~Disclaimer: The following are merely helpful hints that have assisted others through the journey of memorising Al Qur’aan; Please read through them carefully & choose those methods most appropriate to your personal learning~

Al Qur’aan is divided into several divisions which are:

1) the juz or part

2) divisions of the juz into smaller sections like the hizb

3) and the division of the ahzab into fourths.

The author advises the memorization of Qur’aan along these divisions. To begin with memorize the smallest section and that is 1/4 of a hizb, then 2 fourths of a hizb (half a hizb), then 3/4 hizb, until a complete hizb is memorized. The entire Qur’aan can be memorized in this manner, by the help of Allah Ta’ala.

As for the last juz, JUZ ‘AMMA , he says that one fourth contains more than a surah, so in this case it is best to memorize one surah and then another, with the exception of the shorter surahs at the end of the juz , then he suggests memorizing two or three surahs at a time, depending on the person’s ability so as not to lose a whole day memorizing a very small surah.

Before actual memorization, it is necessary to choose a proper time, place and mental attitude:-

1. The Preferred Times For Memorization of Qur’aan:

There are many preferable times for memorization: the time of sahr (before salat Al Fajr by a period of time equal to the last fourth of the night) and this is a good and blessed time; and there is the time after Salat Al Fajr until the time of Duha; and there is the time that is between salat Al Dhur and Asr, if you do not want to sleep during this time; and there is the time that is before salat Al Maghrib by an hour and a half, approx.; and there is the time between Maghrib and Isha prayers; and an unlimited time possible to choose from is the time that you see yourself inclined to memorization of the Holy Qur’aan and revision of it. In other words, analyze your typical day. If you see that there are certain regular periods where you are more peaceful than other times, or there is less demands upon you at a certain particular time, then choose this time for Qur’aan. These are the most beneficial times as some of them are periods of peacefulness and contentment of the heart and restfulness, and some of these time periods are not usually considered busy periods of the day for work or activity.

2. The Preferred Places For Memorization of the Qur’aan:

There is no doubt that the best place for memorization of Qur’aan and other acts of worship are the houses of Allah (masaajid) and after that places that are clean and far from filth (najaasaat–impurities that break the wudoo and are unlawful to make salaah in the midst of) and far from work (business) and disturbing sounds–that is, to sit in a clean and peaceful room that doesn’t have distractions in it or areas that attract your attention or noises that disturb concentration, or any machines going (especially the T.V.). And if you cannot find such a room, then go to any other place on the condition that it is clean and as previously mentioned above.

3. The Best Mental Attitude (condition) For Memorization of Qur’aan:

Your mental condition must be settled and calm. [ Basically, your mind should be clear and at ease, not caught up in sorting out problems or thinking of what else you have to do. You should be ready to concentrate even if it is for only 15 minutes.]



Methods of Review

[Translator’s comment: This was basically the same as methods of memorization from the very beginning. Take it section by section and if you have memorized a large portion of Qur’aan or the entire Qur’aan, you should review everything at LEAST once a month.

General Advice

This section is a gift from me to you — advice related to the method of memorization of Qur’aan and revision and what that entails.

1- Be free from the 2 hadaths (ceremonial impurities), major and minor when you memorize and revise Qur’aan because of the greatness of what you are reading and reciting – Allah Ta’ala’s words — and make a realization of what Allah Ta’ala said: “And whosoever honors the Symbols of Allah, then it is truly from the piety of the heart.” [22:32]

2- Try to choose the most appropriate time and proper place to memorize and to revise.

3- Before memorization and revision you must seek refuge in Allah from the Shaitan by saying “A’oudhu billahi AlSamie’ ul Aleem min Ash-Shaitan Ar-Rajeem”.

4- Try to feel or sense the greatness of the words of Allah Ta’ala, and their meaning when memorizing and revising because this will cause good memorization.

5- It is good when reading a quarter or memorizing or revising it in a room or other place to read with a moderate voice, not with high volume or extremely low volume, because reading aloud increases the strength of your memorization; except if you are in a masjid, for example -under that circumstance you must read in a subdued voice (where you can hear yourself) so as not to disturb others involved in worship or in salaah or reading Qur’aan.

6- Try to improve your sound with Qur’aan, carrying out the words of the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu alaihi wasallam: “Embellish the Qur’an by your voices”. [Muslim]

7- If you can memorize by yourself do so, and if not, agree with one of your companions to memorize a particular juz so as to increase your activity.


9- Try not to leave a quarter that you have memorized — read it in salat as you memorize, and when revising.

10- If you complete the memorization of a new quarter or new surah, do not move on to another one until it is perfectly memorized.

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